10 Things I Loved in June

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my screened in porch- away from mosquitos. Anyone else have this problem? I really should look into essential oil as I hate spraying myself with OFF! unless I’m planning on staying outside for a while, like doing yard work.

Anyway, the screened in porch is a good place for me to sit and reflect upon things, like how I’m slowly getting the house together (I know I say this all the time!) but no one particular room is ready for a full reveal. But my screened in porch is very close. I just need a few more pillows, a couple more side tables, and about a bajillion plants. I love a good sunroom or screened in porch that just about feels like a lush jungle. I did just happen to discover that one of my growing plants is called a Mexican Petunia and they are incredibly easy to grow from a cutting, so I may need to try that to get started. Fingers crossed that my backyard will be sunny enough for it.

And speaking of reflecting on things, here’s what I’m loving this month:

1)Not only has Tim McGraw been my favorite singer for years, but he and Faith Hill are my favorite power couple. So getting a peek into their extravagance home in the Bahamas was a joy!

2) A point of view on $1,000.00 changes, depending on how your life is led. To some it’s a lot, to others it’s not.

3) Who doesn’t love a good before and after project story? This bathroom is a stunner, especially with that lighting over the tub.

4) I love stumbling over fabulous things on Etsy and this fabulously adorable succulent sculpture is no exception. Can’t kill this plant.

5) A home done in dark neutrals (not dark like black) is always worth checking out. I am head over heels for this home. When I’m swinging back and forth between colorful bohemian and eclectic neutral, this home embodies what I envision for my own home as eclectic neutral.

6) Remember how I mentioned I needed a couple of side tables for my patio? I’m seriously considering these blue elephants!! They would definitely add some fun and would be a conversation starter for that space.

7) Have you heard of The Skye Blue Gallery on Etsy? If not, you need to head over there and check her fantastic landscape photography. Her work has just moved to the top of my wish list!

8) We all love a good knitted pouf, but how about one that goes outdoor? With a matching side table, this looks pretty realistic.

9) I had been thinking some tall planters would look great around the house, especially in the screened in porch, which is exactly where I’d put these beauties!

10) You know I love a good eclectic home, but I definitely have a soft spot for it when it includes a Moroccan twist and this home has got it! I can’t get over the doors going into the master bedroom.

Have you come across anything good this month?


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