A South African Home Decorated in Fabulous Neutrals

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this stunning South African home. Designed by Sue Bond, this home is a master lesson in neutrals done right. She would be a great candidate to give that particular lesson or to even write a book.

Let’s start with that stunning view in the photo above. Can you imagine how amazing 360 degrees of that is? I’d be right at home with mountains in my view, however the article by Conde Nast mentions the Atlantic Ocean. That would be cool, too.

As much as I love a good view, I also love a good house. I wish there was another angle of it because I’m digging the architectural features of it. I tried searching, but no such luck. Let me know if you come across it!

“There’s a whisper of a foreign land in every corner. At the same time, the artefacts, art pieces and fabrics reflect something of the essence of Africa.” -Conde Nast

These front door are just begging for you to accept the invitation to come in. (Why, yes, I’ll come right on in!) The stenciled patterned adds elegance and the plants are a welcoming sight- at least they are to me. They contrast with the fabulous black doors. Did you noticed the diamond patterned window? I love that added charm.

Classically black and white, this kitchen has a fun twist: cowhide bar stools! I love a good surprise element in a room. The checkered floor has a high gloss to them, adding a luxurious vibe while the stainless steel pendant performs as a farm house touch- such a cool combination! Lamps in kitchens are always an unexpected aspect.

In the master bedroom, she continues with her mix of modern and traditional with something unexpected, especially something unexpectedly fun. Like the vertical black and white stripes. Those stripes really make the room! It would too predictable of a room without it. What backs up the interest of the stripes are all the textures and shapes: the tufted headboard, the legs on the tufted bench, the fun geometric shapes on the lamp base, the figure of the bedside dresser, and the area rug sitting on top of carpet. Also, did you notice how she kept all the whites super crisp? That’s the best white to have in a bedroom, especially if you’re going for a hotel look. There is just something about crisp white that’s super inviting.

Y’all, how about that black and white tub? I don’t normally say this about tubs, but this one is actually beautiful. I always thought if I did a free standing tub of my own, it’d be all white, but I’m converted. A black and white tub like this is edgy and I like edgy!

The black and white tiles here are picked up from the kitchen. I love how she bordered the upper part of the wall in black grass cloth. That’s cool! The black continues into play on the countertop and the fun mirror. I’m not really sure what the story is with the art, but it definitely creates interest and drama.

Every house has a personality, shaped by the spirit of its occupants or by its location, or both. -Conde Nast

I saved best for last. This living room is what really captured my attention and drew me in to see more of this fabulous home. (Seriously, it’s so fabulous that I wish there were more pictures!) Although mostly monochromatic, the dramatic effect of the blue in the art popping out is part of what I love about this space. That and I love gray. Gray is my neutral jam right there!

I love that she has a couple of wooden pieces of stools and a coffee table to add warmth to the room. Her mix of pattern is just right. They’re all very different and they’re all a variety of scales, so everything works well together. The slipcover couches add an unexpected coastal vibe, making the room feel laid back. A few plants brings the room to life, bringing the outdoors in.

How do you feel about this home? Is it neutral done right? You already know my opinion- ha!


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