10 Things I Loved in July

Welcome back! If you’re viewing this on the regular website, no you’re not in the wrong place. It was long overdue for a more mature look. The only thing that’s missing are palm leaves, but as wordpress.com is a free website, I’ll take it as it is. There are going to be some changes in the near future, but that’s for another time.

By the way, my cuttings with the Mexican Petunias seemed to have been a success! It took about a week and a half, but they finally grew roots! I passed them on to my mom, so we’ll see how they grow. I’ll probably update you on that during next month’s round-ups, but for now, here’s this month’s:

1)It was during one of my trips to my client’s house that I happened to catch a glimpse of it. I thought for sure it might have been a flea market find or something unique of that nature. My jaws dropped to the floor when I stumbled upon it here. I’m obsessed and it would be perfect for my house! My love for palm leaves continues!

2)This is the best line in this sweet little ode to summer: “The magic of a summer evening is held in our memories and in the jars filled with lightning bugs.” I love it when words create a sense of nostalgic and magic.

3)Just because it’s not my style doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it and I truly appreciate a good Americana home. It’s timeless and carries white, black and red throughout effortlessly. I particularly love the Moravian pendants in the kitchen and the eagle convex mirror in the living room. The mirror in powder room is killer, too.

4)I never gave much thought to drywalls before this post. Just when you thought there’d be one simple thing to do to the house. Nope, it’s always going to be complicated.

5)This is the answer to everything! Get a golden palm tree that functions as a floor lamp. Kill two birds with one stone, plus this is one plant that would never die!

6)I feel like a lot of horse home decors are tacky and over the top and nothing too special, but I really like this shower curtain from Nordstrom. It’s in a classic black and white palette and captures the movements of horses well while leaving a little bit of negative space for the eyes to rest.

7)And speaking of horses, if you’ve ever bathed one just to turn it loose and watch it roll in the dirt like there’s no tomorrow, well, sometimes we all need this reminder that they’re not doing it because they’re mad at us for something.

8)Now THIS is a bucket list. Don’t just jot something generic down. Get specific about what you want out of that particular activity. I crossed off one thing on my bucket list recently: horseback riding on the beach. But I would have done this anywhere in the world. Seabrook Island just happened to be it.

9)I love a good beach house with color, but every now and then, one with soft colors just blows me away. Like this one did. I love the interjection of wood in basically every room.

10)There is nothing better than a bedroom customized for the reading souls. These are my ultimate bedroom goals.

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