10 Things I Loved in August

This is not one of the things I loved about what happened in August; what Hurricane Harvey has done to Houston and its surrounding cities has absolutely blown me away. It’s one of those moments when you’re marveling over Mother Nature yet scared how she can change your life in a minute. Over 2,000 people needed to be rescued. It’s definitely another moment like this that really shines a light on what kind of community you live in and really get a chance to see so much kindness being shown.

One of my favorite bloggers, Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita, lives in Houston. My heart breaks for her that this is happening to her and her town. She’s put up a post to let us all know she’s doing well.

My grandparents live out in the San Antonio area. I’m very grateful that the worst of it missed them and they got a little bit of much needed rain. My thoughts goes out to everyone in Houston and its surrounding cities. Stay safe!

To shine light on some happier thoughts, here’s what I did love this month:

1)I love a good post that elaborates on what happens when you hire an interior designer– and no, you don’t need to be super rich to hire one.

2) I absolutely love all the colors and quirkiness of this home– in other words, a home with personality!!

3) With my long ride home in the afternoons, I needed something to distract me from rush hour traffic, so I started listening to podcasts. I can’t even tell you how much better it makes the ride. Pursuit with Purpose is fantastic! It really makes you think about how you’re living your own life and how to go after your dream if you’re not already living it.

4) I enjoyed listening to Pursuit with Purpose so much that I decided to give another series a try: The Chaise Lounge. This is a great one to listen to if you’re interested in pursuing a career in interior design, especially as this touches on the business side.

5) Although this project is a long ways off from happening, if at all, my husband and I would love to re-work the layout of the bathroom. One idea was just getting rid of the tub. We don’t use it. This post has some great before and after projects that’s inspiring.

6) And speaking of bathroom renovations, Justina over at the Jungalow can do no wrong. Her bathroom make over is simply stunning. And fun. All the niches she put in are fabulous, especially for small bathrooms like hers when you want to have some space for plants, or to create an architectural interest.

7) I also love this room designed by Rita Konig and I totally appreciate the lessons Eva Contreras derived from it.

8) Seeing as I barely qualify as a Micro-Blogger, this was super inspiring to me. It’s ok to not be the biggest and hottest blogger out there.

9) Thanks to My Paradissi for sharing this post. With all the artwork on display, a few are bound to be destroyed and I’ve always wondered what happens when they’re broken.

10) Somebody take me to Paris, please! Even if all I do is eat at just this one place.

Are you listening to any good podcasts? If so, let me know about it!

By the way, many apologizes for missing out on posting last week. It just got super busy somehow.

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