Partial Hallway Reveal

As you will have gathered from the title of this post, I’m not quite ready to do a full blown out reveal of my entry hallway. A few more tweaks still needs to happen to reach my desired effect, but for now, I’m pretty satisfied with this set up/vignette. Without further ado, here’s my partial hallway reveal!

Every entry way sets the tone for the rest of the house. Every entry way begins the story about you and whoever you share your home with. This is where you decide what part of your personality you want to share, that you want on display.

You see the floor in the photo above? That was not me. At all. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of curving the carpet and tile was there. Maybe the sellers were trying to create interest. Anyway, that’s not my story. Here’s how my story breaks down in this vignette:

Cabinet– This cabinet was my first real piece of furniture that I bought. I fell completely in love with the color and grain flow of the wood. Plus all that aged gold! This piece reflected my global and glamorous side of style. It also doesn’t hurt that for a while I was using it as a bar storage in my last two apartments, but you know, now I have an actual bar in my home, this is used to store other things. Here’s where I bought it. To be honest, I’ve had this piece for a couple of years now, but I don’t remember it being this pricey, even if I did get it on sale.

Wine Rack– I found this moroccan shaped wine rack at World Market- another of my favorite stores- while I was shopping with Jon. I could not live without it that day. It’s another great piece that represents my taste in the global style. It’s purely accidental that it goes so perfectly with my cabinet. See how it’s got that aged look to it? Sadly the wine rack is no longer available.

Squared Glass Container– This squared glass once contained a candle in it. I burned it all away. Once it wouldn’t burn any more, I put it in the freezer overnight and it was a breeze to clean out the remaining wax the next day. Now it stores all my collections of sea shells, cool rocks, and foreign coins- mostly Canadian from Dad’s trip there years ago.

Planter Pot– You may recall this planter pot from my round-up in this post. When I had the chance to go to Ikea recently with my husband, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to pick up a woven planter pot specifically intended for plants rather than a woven basket that you stick flower pots in. This planter pot is great for interest, texture and color. It goes perfectly with my own colors. It’s also allowed me to insert another way for me to show off my love for palm leaves!

Glass Bowl– Normally this thing is filled to the brim with soft peppermints. A couple of former bosses of mine introduced Taz to peppermints and got him hooked on it. However, lately he hasn’t been as quick to eat them, so we’ve been taking a little break. As for the glass bowl itself, I can’t recall where I got it. I think an old friend gave it to me.

Art Print– I was out at Celadon’s flea market with one of my sisters when I stumbled across this art print. It immediately made me think of my husband, so I had to pick it up. Not to mention I love the shade of blue in the moon and the slight splash of blue around it to represent the stars. Plus, it’s blue! I can never go wrong with blue.

Table Lamp– This is my first Ikea purchase. When I was living in Virginia, I got in the car one day after work with one of my roommates and drove over for a quick trip into Ikea. My bedroom was a little dim with all its lights on and when I saw this very affordable lamp, I bought it! Of course, with me being on a budget, I needed a little talking into. It didn’t take much as I loved the shape of the silver chrome lamp base and the funky shapes on the lamp shade that for some reason makes me think of scientific things like molecules and UFO. Yeah, I know. Weird. But I didn’t mind science in school.

Palm Leaf Wall Decor– I was reading one of Emily Henderson’s posts on great products at Target one day and while I was browsing this post, as soon as I saw this gold palm leaf wall decor, I knew I had to have it. Lo and behold! Here it is on my wall and they look great! They’re a really great product for the money and with it being a shiny gold metal, it adds a little bit of formal elegance to the space. You can hang them straighter than I did, but I wanted them at an angle for some interest.

(You can see that between the photos above and below that my wall color is difficult to capture. In some lights it looks like either shade of green.)

Books- Books are like plants. They add life to any space. Or maybe it’s just that they create interest. People are nosy creatures. When they’re in other people’s houses, this is one of the go-to when looking around to find out someone’s subtle interests and hobbies. As you can see here, I’ve got Elements of Style and Styled sitting on my cabinet. Obviously my biggest interest is interior design.

(There’s a little sneak peek of my hallway gallery.)

Does your vignette tell a story? Are they collected items from over the years or even from your trip?


  1. There’s so much here I like.
    First – the blue doors and trim. Nice!! I wish I had thought about it before I embarked on painting every single door in this house!
    I hadn’t clued in at first that the walls were a very soft green. I thought they were cream. Now I like the coordination with the blue doors and trim even more!
    There has been so much thought put into the subtle coordination with that blue in small details like the pot and the wall print. Whether you’ve done it intentionally or not, the thought is there and I really like it. It’s not in-your-face matchy.
    You’ve just given a hint of the gallery on the hallway wall. I really like the eclectic look of this grouping.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I definitely put a lot of thought into my colors. The wall color is definitely a tricky color and it actually wasn’t my first choice. My first choice turned out to be too icy blue. I needed a little more warmth. This color is a warm green to a cool green depending on the light. Green was such a hard color for this house. I was trying to go for a grey green without too much gray.

      My wall gallery is pretty fun. Still needs a little tweaking, though.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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