Weathering the Storm

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, those of us on the east coast are preparing for Hurricane Irma.

Most of us feel Houston’s pain and are hoping no one else has to go through it again. Fingers crossed for us on the east coast. Already two in Puerto Rico have lost their lives to this storm, this deadly storm is leaving many of us feeling dreaded. Miami evacuated and as of this morning, the new predicted route now includes Charleston. We might be facing another evacuation, just one year after Hurricane Matthew. I can tell you that the people of Charleston haven’t forgotten that. Even before this morning’s new route, we were out of water supplies last night at several stores.

Floridians, I don’t know how you do this every year.

This quote by Fitzgerald is absolutely fitting. You can’t always predict people’s behavior any more than you can of a hurricane and Hurricane Irma has certainly kept us on the edge of our seats- definitely way more than Hurricane Matthew did and even more so because she’s one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded.

So, my posts are going to be irregular this week and the next as I prepare to either bunker down or evacuate.

Keep Charleston in your thoughts!

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