10 Things I Loved in September

How has September been going for you? It’s been rough for a lot of us, those who lived through hurricane devastation this month. First Harvey in Houston, then Irma in the islands and Florida. I can only hope things will be alright for them.

Fall is essentially here. My favorite season. Cool weather. Crisp air. Perfect for hot drinks, like coffee and tea. Actually hot coffee paired with cookies fresh out of the oven. That smell is heaven. Earlier at work today, my co-worker made some coffee for clients in the showroom, which coincidentally coincided with one of our sales rep bringing in hot cookies. (Granted, they were from McDonald’s, but still it counts as it smelled amazing.) Why isn’t this scent a candle? I’d buy that any day over apples, pumpkin pie and vanilla. I’m adding that to the list of things I loved this month. Here’s more:

1)Blue and white is a classic color combination. In fact, it’s timeless and lovely, but throw a few dogs in the mix and I’m head over heels for it!

2) Here’s a little fun fact about me: I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables and several years ago, I was introduced to Pride and Prejudice. This little battle of who’s the better gentleman was a fun read and I agree with the author in regards to the winner, hands down!

3) These underground photos are stunning and absolutely breathtaking.

4) The English Room is one of my favorite bloggers, especially because she features and interviews artists. Miriam Durkin’s works are fantastic. Also, it’s fitting to share an artist from Charlotte as I’ve got a trip there coming up.

5) Every culture is different and I find it a little fascinating. I loved reading Swoon Worthy’s 10 fun fact that would give us as Americans a little culture shock about the UK. I appreciate it all the more because one of my former bosses grew up in England.

6) This is a house that’s well done. It’s well done in feeling collected and it’s well done with its mixes of low and high end things through out the space. It’s by far one of my favorite living rooms!

7) Having a few hydrangeas in my yard, I definitely appreciated reading these tips.

8) Currently, this is the nightstand of my dreams for our master bedroom. However, I’m heartbroken that it’s about 5 inches too long. Just as well. It’s a little out of my price range.

9) Another thing that I would have loved to put in my master bedroom: these switch plates. However, they don’t have one for three switches in a row. I can’t bring myself to mix and match with such bold designs. Maybe just one in the closet will do for now.

10) The texture in this monochromatic home is just stunning. Most rooms are so cozy, I want to cuddle up in it all day.


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