36 Collectively Awesome and Cool Flower Pots

Via Balcony Garden Web

Every gardener needs a few flower pots- a few for inside the house and a few for outside.

A good flower pot sets the mood the way a good pillow does. It helps to fine tune your atmosphere, whether you’re going for a clean look in a japanese garden or something a little more elaborate for a french or an english garden.

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A Sense of History and Modern with Saturated Blue Walls

Via Apartment Therapy

This was one of those pictures that stopped me in my tracks. Designed by Jessica Buckley Interiors, the intensity and depth of the blue grasscloth wallpaper is captivating. It’s called Blueberry by Phillip Jefferies. I’m making note of this for my next house. Next to the couch, that’s the best wow factor of the room. But then, I’m biased because I’m drawn to everything blue. I do have to say though that I love how the soft vintage pinks of the chairs adds a calm elegance to the room and adds a sense of history right next to the fireplace. The rug is another key factor to this room. While it’s still strong in colors, it’s not saturated like the walls and couch yet it still manages to add color and fun to the room and tie it all in. The glass coffee table keeps it light and its gold frame adds glamor (You can never go wrong with glamor. After all, we all want a little bit of it in our life. This is where we can get it.)

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10 Things I Loved in June

Via The Zhush

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my screened in porch- away from mosquitos. Anyone else have this problem? I really should look into essential oil as I hate spraying myself with OFF! unless I’m planning on staying outside for a while, like doing yard work.

Anyway, the screened in porch is a good place for me to sit and reflect upon things, like how I’m slowly getting the house together (I know I say this all the time!) but no one particular room is ready for a full reveal. But my screened in porch is very close. I just need a few more pillows, a couple more side tables, and about a bajillion plants. I love a good sunroom or screened in porch that just about feels like a lush jungle. I did just happen to discover that one of my growing plants is called a Mexican Petunia and they are incredibly easy to grow from a cutting, so I may need to try that to get started. Fingers crossed that my backyard will be sunny enough for it.

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15 Paint Colors I Used In My House

When we bought this house, I knew I wanted to choose paint colors that were natured inspired: blues, greens, and grays. I’ve always been inspired by nature and I am now even more so since this house came with beautiful landscaping. I wanted there to be some flow: greens from the plants, blues from the clear sky on sunny days, and grays from the cloudy rainy days.

If you missed the sneak peek of the wall colors, check it out here as long as you don’t mind camera phones.

Sherwin Williams Liveable Green

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