22 Different Ways to Decorate Fireplaces

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The fireplace is often thought of as the heart and soul of a home- right after the kitchen, of course. It’s where the terminology “hearth” came from. Although technically it means the floor of a fireplace, it also means home and a vital center.

The fireplace is often one of the most important focal points in a room as it provides more than one purpose. Most importantly- or what I believe is most importantly- is that it is an architectural feature of the home. A lovely characteristic of the house. Whether it works or not is another question. When you live in in the south as I do, it’s not as important to have a working fireplace but believe me, it’s still a fantastic bonus if it does. A fireplace is still held in high esteem for its importance.

Think about the images a fireplace conjures in your mind. Maybe you’re thinking back to what you imagine it to be back in the medieval days; a fireplace was always roaring, whether it was being used as a means of warmth or as an oven. Maybe there is something inviting about a fireplace that makes us all congregate around it. Maybe you associate it with family time. Maybe you associate it as “Me” time- a time to cozy up next to the fire with a book and a glass of wine. Or maybe you’re an interior design addict like me and you see it as another aspect of the house to design, and boy, are the choices unlimited. Just take a look at these:

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All That Lovely Greenery in the Bathroom

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I swear house plants- or rather plants in general- are one of life’s biggest mysteries. Snake plants are suppose to be indestructible, yet one is dying in my bedroom as we speak of the unspeakable! But I’ll confess. I’m not sure where I went wrong. I either drowned it in kindness or I killed it trying to re-pot it in new dirt- both of which I shouldn’t have done. As sturdy as these plants should be, I decided to give it another try. Sorry, Snake Plant #1. You have been replaced by Snake Plant #2 before you even finished dying! Good thing taking care of dogs are easier. Kids? Let’s not even go there.

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The Subtly of Bar Stools

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It was not until I started looking for bar stools of my own that I had noticed that bar stool are not typically used to make a statement, but rather to blend in to allow the kitchen as a whole to be the star of the show. Originally, I wanted my stools to be unique or to have pattern or pops of color, but upon further study, I realized that would have been distracting and even more so, given its location in my apartment.

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15 Circular Conversation Seating Areas: 4 Chairs Around a Coffee Table

Having some chairs in a circle surrounding a coffee table is a refreshing way to mix up seating arrangements. Typically there’s a couch or two involved in seating arrangement. I find it somehow more intimate and inviting to have conversations in this set up.

Via House of Turquoise

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to gather around and gossip!

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Design Obsession: Seeking Wall Gallery Ideas

I’m back from the dead-erm, I mean, back from my wedding and honeymoon!! I will share the details on that soon. Just be patience with me, if you will please. It was a pretty neat trip!

For some time now, I’ve been obsessing over wall galleries. It started because I have a blank slate over my tv. I scoured the web and even created my own board on pinterest devoted to just exactly that: wall gallery.


Antonio Martins Interior Design

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