8 Different and Beautiful Green Kitchens

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I might be a little late trying to jump on the bandwagon about Greenery, the color of the year, but better late than never!

I was not surprised when they announced a shade of green as color of the year. Green has been rising in popularity and it was particularly noticeable to me the more I saw a variety of green shades in kitchens recently.

Hubert Zandberg Interiors

Although it’s a shade of color, green is a great way to stay neutral without being all beige, white, or gray. The darker the green, the more drama you add to the kitchen. The more lighter it is, the more it feels like a cottage or a beach house. Which way would you swing? I don’t think I could decide. It would totally depend on where I live. If I lived in the mountains, I would totally go lighter, like this picture below:

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If I lived in the city or the suburban (oh, wait! I do!), then I would probably do a little drama like this kitchen below:

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What’s even better about green is that it won’t compete with your views outside if at all. I mean, if you have nothing but sand and the ocean for a view while washing the dishes, then, yeah, green might not be the best choice. But let’s not get into the technicalities here. There are exceptions to every rule.

The Jungalow

What I love most about green in kitchens is brining in the greenery. I feel more inspired to cook when I have plants in the kitchen because nothing makes me feel more alive than being outside. It’s what I loved the most, next to horses, when I was working on a horse farm. I feel so much more connected, relaxed, and realistic about achievements and dramas, the ups and downs of life. When I’m in the kitchen, I’m making things- creating meals. It makes perfect sense to bring in the things that would keep on inspiring me to create. That kitchen above is the perfect example of that set up, though it saves a little counter space to bring in plants and flowers in art form.

Via Elle Decor

In the photo above is another perfect example of using darker green to create drama. It certainly seems to fit Cameron Diaz’s personality, whether or not you can believe this is her kitchen. (Green with envy!)

Via La Dolce Vita

I think choosing greenery as the color of the year was an easy choice if they had noticed all the green popping up in kitchens.

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Would you try green in your kitchen?

Book Club: Made to Order

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Time is just flying by right now. We just got back from a weekend trip up to the mountains and I lost track of blogging time, which in my defense is quite easy to do when you go up for a nice relaxing weekend to disconnect. But, when the Blue Ridge Mountains are having some unusual wildfires and it’s just all around smoky, it’s hard to focus. The smoke has reached all the way to Charleston and I tend to get light headaches after being around any kind of smoke in my face long enough. I’m kind of surprised- though maybe I shouldn’t be- that there’s not more coverage on it. How do people out in California put up with all the smoke from the wildfires they have every year? And all at once it breaks my heart and pisses me off that there are people out there who wants to literally set the world on fire. I believe most of the wildfires going on right now were started by arson. Why, people? Why?

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Stand Strong, America and Spread Love

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“If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be no help.” -John F. Kennedy

No matter who would have won the vote, with either of the two biggest candidates, we were bound to venture into new waters, whether it be the First Woman or the celebrity business man. One thing is clear: we as a nation are ready for a change. The biggest problem, aside from having to live with each other, is pinpointing a change we can all agree on. We need a change that doesn’t currently seem achievable because we don’t know exactly what kind we need, what we can agree on, and what we can live with.

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All That Lovely Greenery in the Bathroom

Leaf+June56 (2).jpg
Architectural Digest

I swear house plants- or rather plants in general- are one of life’s biggest mysteries. Snake plants are suppose to be indestructible, yet one is dying in my bedroom as we speak of the unspeakable! But I’ll confess. I’m not sure where I went wrong. I either drowned it in kindness or I killed it trying to re-pot it in new dirt- both of which I shouldn’t have done. As sturdy as these plants should be, I decided to give it another try. Sorry, Snake Plant #1. You have been replaced by Snake Plant #2 before you even finished dying! Good thing taking care of dogs are easier. Kids? Let’s not even go there.

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The Magic of Fall

autumn leaves, very shallow focus
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Have I formally announced how much I love fall? I love the crispness in the air more than anything. It makes me feel alive. I love the changing of the leaves. It adds romance to the air. It serves as a reminder of change. Summer feels too much like the same day everyday, but you can see the change in the world when fall arrives. The days get shorter. The bugs are gone. The leaves change colors. It was always my favorite time of the year to ride horses. I could enjoy the view and the company. I could enjoy the sound of the leaves crackling underfoot. It makes more sense during this time of the year and through the winter to light candles and enjoy not only its scent but its light. And I enjoy hot drinks more. More tea, more hot chocolate, and- dare I say it?- more coffee.

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