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Top Ten: August Finds

What is there to say about August? At my first glance back, August was overall uneventful. A quiet ending to a hot summer-but surprisingly not scorching. We barely got into the 100’s this year and we are already cooling off for fall. I have spent a couple of weekends with my mom, shopping to get her guest bedroom together for a bit of an upgrade. It mostly came together. The side tables, though, were delayed. It was in stock, but unable to ship out in time. Mom loved them enough to wait for them. Otherwise, once we got the things into the bedroom, she decided the bed linens needed to be upgraded as well. We’ve been searching for something good. The guests came in over the weekend. At least the guest bedroom was mostly ready for them. GDC Home had a good sale over the weekend. Jon and I walked away with a bit of an unexpected piece for the living room. I plan to do a post on that soon. Taz turned 9 this month. Seriously, where is that foundation of eternal youth? He needs to stop growing old. Is there a dog version of Peter Pan? He’s been in my life since he was 4 months old and I would have no idea how to live without him. On second thought, August has always been about subtlety.


The TV Wall Gallery Reveal!

If you caught my last post, you will remember that I have been obsessing over a blank spot over my tv. I had decided to use an artwork that was originally hanging with out with my sunburst mirror and some downloadable art prints that I already had on hand. I had also thought of using my abstract art work here but it didn’t fit very well.

Now that I got a few things picked out. It was time to figure out some arrangements. I probably could have done this all day. As it was, Jon was surprised I even came up with 5 ideas before I realized none of them struck my fancy. Then I came up with a few more ideas.


Option 1


Design Obsession: Seeking Wall Gallery Ideas

I’m back from the dead-erm, I mean, back from my wedding and honeymoon!! I will share the details on that soon. Just be patience with me, if you will please. It was a pretty neat trip!

For some time now, I’ve been obsessing over wall galleries. It started because I have a blank slate over my tv. I scoured the web and even created my own board on pinterest devoted to just exactly that: wall gallery.


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