choosing colors

15 Paint Colors I Used In My House

When we bought this house, I knew I wanted to choose paint colors that were natured inspired: blues, greens, and grays. I’ve always been inspired by nature and I am now even more so since this house came with beautiful landscaping. I wanted there to be some flow: greens from the plants, blues from the clear sky on sunny days, and grays from the cloudy rainy days.

If you missed the sneak peek of the wall colors, check it out here as long as you don’t mind camera phones.


Thought Process on Choosing Paint and Flooring

We are officially closing on our first house this Friday and we have a month left with our current apartment before moving out, so to stay ahead, we’ve gone head and chosen our paint.

Let me tell you, it was not easy.

There are thousands upon thousands of shades of paint to choose from. And I mean every shade under the sun and the moon and then some.

I had a vision of what I wanted: colored neutral walls. In no way whatsoever was I going to do white or beige walls, but I was open to everything else. I wanted colored neutral walls to create interest and let my things pop a little.