design ideas

Design Moodboard: Earthy Electic

I’ve been feeling a little inspired from my Costa Rica trip. I’m really appreciating more greens and natural vibes in interiors, so I decided to see what I come up with. I wanted to incorporate different time periods, some accessories that screams travel, and some texture.

Earthy Electic

My starting point was wallpaper. I picked out Bananier from Pierre Frey for its statement. Although it does not come this way, it could look very cool as a mural. But, as it is, it could be great either as an accent wall or doing all walls. It would be very bold to do all the walls, but I think it’s the type of wallpaper where it would just transport you to a tropical location.


Design Ideas: The Romantic Mood

This is my idea of an everyday room with a romantic vibe. You’ve got the waterfall chandelier and a few candle options here mixed in with the texture of sheepskin ottoman and the red curtain(that I imagine to be velvet or silk). I think a tufted sofa with nailhead trims just says romance. I’ve always thought the country style always had a touch of romance to it, so I threw in the buffalo plaid chair with the rustic coffee table. To prevent this room from getting to light and to pull another color from the dramatic art print of the couple dancing in the rain, I added in the black cabinet. I love this overdyed rug with the textured wallpaper.

The Romantic Mood


Color Theory: Gray and Cream

Gray and Cream. I’ve never really been a fan of that color palate. It’s a little too neutral for me, though a perfect opportunity to amp up your texture skills. Yet oddly enough, I woke up one morning and realized that I had that palette in a couple of places in my apartment. I had a creamy cabinet against gray walls and creamy pillows on my gray couch. I assure you, this was purely accidental. I had my creamy cabinet before moving into the apartment that came with gray walls and I had my creamy pillows well before we bought the gray couch.

Well, the damage is done now. My curiosity was piqued and I decided to explore how some rooms were decorated with this color palette.

The dining room sparkles, thanks in part to mirrored molding that runs around the cornice line. Suzanne used a metallic paint on the ceiling to capture even more light.


Book Club: The New Bohemian

Once in a while, there’s a book worth the wait. This was one of them. The New Bohemian by Justina Blakeney.

I love bohemian and I’m a little free-spirited. But bohemian is not entirely my style. I’m a bit more eclectic. As I read this book, I discovered there were six types of bohemians: Modern, Earthy, Folksy, Nomadic, Romantic, and Maximal. Who knew? I didn’t. This is why I read (Preferably hard copy, thank you. There’s more magic involved.). I’m a bit of an earthy and nomadic bohemian. Lately, my collection of live greenery has been growing. That’s due to what’s well known as “trial and error.” My Christmas cactus has been hanging in there for about seven years. Impressive life span, don’t you think?


Dream Home Inspiration: Guest Bedroom

I want my future guest bedrooms to be a fun room. I want it to be bold but still have a bit of the hotel vibe to it. I want my guests to feel like they are on vacation, not staying in just another bedroom. Guest bedrooms are not lived in on a daily basis. I think that gives us a little more liberty to have fun decorating the room.

Have you ever seen such a bedroom in all your life? This beautiful bedroom was designed by Jamie Meares, the mastermind behind the blog, i suwannee and the online shop Furbish Studio.