Hydrangeas in Full Bloom

My house came with mature landscaping and when we met the sellers at the closing meeting, the wife was kind enough to warm me not to pluck everything up as weeds, that there would be some perennial growths.

It has been an absolute joy to discover new things in the yard. Yellow lilies and a dogwood tree, for example, were a total surprise. Moving in late winter, there were no signs that I’d be getting yellow lilies and I didn’t think dogwoods- the NC state tree (Carolina girl here)- grew this far south. Not to mention they’re usually bare during winter.

Something that was and was not a surprise was the lovely hydrangeas. As there were little to no leaves on the bush, judging by the size and shape, we figured that’s what they were. The fun surprise was waiting to see what colors they’d be.


Inspirational Words: Coffee and Flowers


I was looking for something inspirational, something that would make me feel happy and I felt that as soon as I came across this saying. I wish I had a beautiful garden that I could cut flowers from and set them in pretty vases throughout the house. Faux flowers will do for now, but it’s not the same. It doesn’t have that perfume smell of lilies or roses. And coffee. I know that’s a not a perfume or a flower scent, but it’s a glorious smell. The day just doesn’t start without coffee. If it does, it’s not the same. It’s a little routine that I enjoy while waking up from zombie mode. In fact, I love coffee so much that we’re taking a coffee tour in Costa Rica! Really looking forward to that!


Photo source: All Things Girly & Beautiful

Decorating Theme: Floral

Sorry about the delay in getting this post out! It’s been a busy week!

It looks like spring is here to stay and that usually strikes a lot of spring inspiration. For me, the particular inspirations are floral and botanical patterns.

Painted watercolour florals inspired Sainsbury’s In Bloom collection.


Top Ten: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be the most anticipated or the most dreaded holiday of all. Love plays a very big role in all our lives. I think we make too big a deal about this one particular day, whether you love or hate it. I think a lot of people tend to forget that this day should also be dedicated to loving themselves, not just others. I have found ten things that fit the Valentine’s Day theme, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

LOVE | Say It In Style

1) Love Brass Object from West Elm. I absolutely love this!!! Just seeing it again makes me happy and it’s totally on my list of things to buy for the home. I first came across it on the Bright Bold & Beautiful blog here. I’m very glad that Laura Trevey took a minute to share this glamorous object with us.