King Louis XIV

A History Lesson: The All Powerful Sunburst Mirror

Calpella Dark Gold 29 1/4" Round Sunburst Wall Mirror

This post follows up on Reflecting on Sunburst Mirrors. I love its shape. You have the consistent circular shape at the center and its irregular but repetitive rays. It’s elegance and dresses a room up very nicely like a pair of pearl earrings. And unless you get a huge mirror, it doesn’t generally demand to be an absolute statement or center or attention in the room. Like the pearls, it generally plays well with others, which is why you will sometimes find it among a wall gallery or as a piece over the fire place. That’s why I believe sunburst mirrors will strongly continue to be a timeless home accessory.


A History Lesson: Lattice, Trellis, and Trelliage

I love anything to do with lattices and trellises and decided to look in to their history. They have a long past but I made it brief the best I could. People use lattices, trellises, and trelliages so interchangeably, I was nearly confused myself while researching the subject. Hopefully I haven’t added to the mess, but read on for my take on the subject.

Lattice and Trellis originally started out as garden features.

Look at Lattice