Mexican Petunia

10 Things I Loved in July

Welcome back! If you’re viewing this on the regular website, no you’re not in the wrong place. It was long overdue for a more mature look. The only thing that’s missing are palm leaves, but as is a free website, I’ll take it as it is. There are going to be some changes in the near future, but that’s for another time.


10 Things I Loved in June

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my screened in porch- away from mosquitos. Anyone else have this problem? I really should look into essential oil as I hate spraying myself with OFF! unless I’m planning on staying outside for a while, like doing yard work.

Anyway, the screened in porch is a good place for me to sit and reflect upon things, like how I’m slowly getting the house together (I know I say this all the time!) but no one particular room is ready for a full reveal. But my screened in porch is very close. I just need a few more pillows, a couple more side tables, and about a bajillion plants. I love a good sunroom or screened in porch that just about feels like a lush jungle. I did just happen to discover that one of my growing plants is called a Mexican Petunia and they are incredibly easy to grow from a cutting, so I may need to try that to get started. Fingers crossed that my backyard will be sunny enough for it.