painting the house

15 Paint Colors I Used In My House

When we bought this house, I knew I wanted to choose paint colors that were natured inspired: blues, greens, and grays. I’ve always been inspired by nature and I am now even more so since this house came with beautiful landscaping. I wanted there to be some flow: greens from the plants, blues from the clear sky on sunny days, and grays from the cloudy rainy days.

If you missed the sneak peek of the wall colors, check it out here as long as you don’t mind camera phones.


Ceilings and Dark Trims of the New House

Hey guys! I have finally emerged from the depths of the ocean. So much happened this month that we’re only just now catching our breath and starting to enjoy ownership of our first house.

I must confess. I was not able to get pictures of the house all freshly painted before moving in boxes. The family members we called on to help us move do not mess around. We were only going to have them help move the big things, like the couch and this monster of a beautiful hutch. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it, in about two hours, all of my things were packed up. We moved almost everything in one day! Once everyone got in the house to check out the new paint job, they were ready to unload in time for lunch. Of course, we ordered pizza.

Since I was not able to get photos of empty freshly painted rooms, I decided to give you peeks of what I did: painted ceilings. You’ll also see some wall and trim colors. Jon and I wanted to branch out and not do the typical white ceiling and trim and we love it!

Dining Room


Making Progress on the New House

Choosing paint is not easy but we got it done. You can see in the picture above and below that I struggled with choosing a color for the main living areas. I started out with Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams (far left in the above photo). I was picturing a green- gray color, but it turned icy blue here and far too washed out. I think in the end I was picturing a color that doesn’t exist, but perhaps I haven’t found it yet. Either way, I had to choose a color as soon as possible. We closed on the house on Friday and the contractor was scheduled to start on Monday. There just wasn’t enough time for me. In case you missed it, here is where I shared my process on choosing paint and flooring¬†and here are all my before photos.