Sarah Bartholomew

Top Ten: November Finds

We are getting so close to officially looking for a house that we’re starting to get our act together. We’ve got a list together of what’s important to have in a house (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a yard) and a couple of things we’d rather not have (Major HOA fees and house/driveway on a main road). A couple of websites have been a big help in re-examining where we can afford to live in theĀ Charleston area.

Since we’ve gone to Bryson City, I don’t have another trip planned. Of course, I’ve started thinking about it: Amelia Island, New England, wine country in California and so my long list goes on. Of course, it depends largely on what kind of house we end up getting, but nothing stops me from dreaming.


A Blue & Green Fresh Twist on a Classical Library Living Room

This is a fresh twist on a classical library/living room with wooden walls. This room could have very easily gone dark, but instead, it’s kept bright with all the blues, greens, and neutral shades. I love that the painting over the fireplace goes along with the couch. And below, there’s an AudubonĀ Great Heron art. It almost seems like that was the inspiration point or maybe they have a water view that they didn’t want clashing with the room. I love the nail head trim on the coffee table and the textures in the basket and side table.