Small boutique hotel

Top Ten: October Finds

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much this month. Even with hobbies, I need to step back and take a break to prevent myself from getting too burnt out.

This month was more about some self-reflecting moments. I had wanted to step back from blogging to read some more books, which is currently Decorative Carpet and Made to OrderĀ as well as some light hearted reading by Rick Riordan. If you haven’t read his stuff, you should! He’s fantastically sarcastic and he’s a teaser. A very funny guy.


Design Destination: The Peace Lodge

This is easily our new favorite place in the entire world. And by our, I mean me and Jon. This is where we stayed while we got married at La Paz Waterfall and Gardens. This is the Peace Lodge. The Peace Lodge has been voted one of the best Honeymoon destinations outside of the US and one of best small boutiques in Costa Rica. My pictures don’t do this place justice, so you’ll just have to visit to find out for yourself. I’ll also post more pictures of the grounds in another post when I do one on this whole trip.