My Muse: Houses

It’s getting real,  y’all. House hunting is about to seriously happen and I’m dreaming of houses.

None of these are by any means exactly what I’m looking for or will be getting, but because they’re inspiring. And unfortunately, these lovely classic Charleston homes (see photo above for an example) are way too far out of my price range.


Design Moodboard: Earthy Electic

I’ve been feeling a little inspired from my Costa Rica trip. I’m really appreciating more greens and natural vibes in interiors, so I decided to see what I come up with. I wanted to incorporate different time periods, some accessories that screams travel, and some texture.

Earthy Electic

My starting point was wallpaper. I picked out Bananier from Pierre Frey for its statement. Although it does not come this way, it could look very cool as a mural. But, as it is, it could be great either as an accent wall or doing all walls. It would be very bold to do all the walls, but I think it’s the type of wallpaper where it would just transport you to a tropical location.