Top Ten: July Finds

Summer is almost over and I’m looking forward to fall. It’s always been my favorite season, but I’m still enjoying the summer sun while I can. With another month nearly gone, it’s time for another monthly top ten round ups.

1) So many dreamy places to stay, so little time to see them all. My wanderlust just kicked in high gear.

2) In love with this doormat. Fits me to a ‘T’. Need this in my life.


Inspirational Words: Wanderlust


Via Potential Psychology

I’m not sure who said those words, but it’s like they know me. It’s almost like my body needs some routine, but my soul can’t be tied down. Sometimes it’s hard to know which one to listen to. I only have one of each. Maybe I should listen to my soul. The body is tougher than it lets on. Maybe it can break out of routine for a while. Fortunately, I have a trip coming up. Helen, GA, anyone? If you’ve been there, tell me about it!