I’ve always been interested in interiors. I can’t pinpoint when it started, but I definitely noticed it when I re-did my bedroom when I was about 13 years old. And then I noticed it again when I helped my mom with her living room a few years later. I don’t think I realized that a career in interior design was possible until a few more years when by and I was working on a horse farm. At the time, I was actually exploring further career options with horses, but nothing was quite clicking for me. Interior design was cropping up in quite a few of my searches. I think it was then that I started taking a real serious interest in it.

Fast forward a couple more years, I moved from Virginia (I’m originally from North Carolina.) down to the coast of South Carolina. Charleston, to be specific. A fantastic town with some serious growing pains. Bound to happen when a little town gets dubbed #1 repetitively. People visit and never leave. I’m working in an interior design related store, but I’m not yet an Interior Designer. This blog has been my creative outlet and my online scrapbook where I share everything I love and learn about interior design.

I’m a wanna-be world traveler and just recently have been able to cross off my bucket list of finally traveling out of the U.S. Getting married in Costa Rica to an amazing guy will do the trick. We figured if we’re going to elope, we might as well go big (or go home, which we had rather not). Taz, my fur baby, is an Australian Shepard. We’ve been together since he was a furball at 4 months of age. He just turned 10 years old. I love going for walks with him and need to do it more often. Kali, a Rottweiler, just recently joined the pack. Let’s just say we’re going through some growing pains as she’s still a puppy. A big puppy. I love cooking, but am trying to educate and motivate myself to eat clean (now that I’ve said it online, I’ll be more likely to stick to it, right?). Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. In fact, I had started reading blogs and it inspired me to start one of my own, but I prefer to read fantasy types. Dragons and elves and all that, ya know? Peonies, pizzas, and pinot noir are the best! (Hint: that’s how you get on my good side and stay there- not that I’m hard to please.) Y’all gotta watch out, though. I’m an amateur cake decorator. That’s why cakes will randomly pop up on this blog. I know it totally contradicts the whole clean eating thing, though.

I hope you guys will stick around while I figure things out. My name is Michelle.


*Disclaimer: Most of these are not my pictures. If you want them taken down, let me know.*


  1. Thank you for the follow – I love your about! I think we must be blogger related. lol Some of the same ideas – decorating, details, love peonies and a wanna be traveler – other than my last years 50th birthday that I treated myself to Italy, I do as many road trips as possible! I’m a new fan of your blog as well now! Thank you again.


    1. I like that you think we must be blogger related. I must agree. At the moment, Italy is pretty much my number one spot that I’d like to travel to. I might be getting a chance to go in the next year or so. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the follow as well.


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