2017: A New Beginning

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I love New Years. I love everyone’s can and will- do’s attitude. It inspires me to freshen up my intentions. That’s right. I said intentions- not resolutions. It takes an amazing amount of willpower to maintain resolutions. Resolutions are an absolutely firm decision. It usually requires changing your life. I think at this point people start to realize how hard it is to change themselves after wishing other people would change. It’s really unfair to expect some people to change themselves when most can’t even keep their own New Year’s resolution. Which is why I’ve been set on intentions. We get so set in our routines or have a system that works, that it’s challenging to just go in and change things up, like go to the gym 5 days a week. There’ll be mornings where you might wake up and just automatically fall into your old morning routine and by the time you wake up enough to realize you need to go to the gym, it’s too late. And so it might continue. New Year’s intentions are intended to change your life.

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Stand Strong, America and Spread Love

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“If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be no help.” -John F. Kennedy

No matter who would have won the vote, with either of the two biggest candidates, we were bound to venture into new waters, whether it be the First Woman or the celebrity business man. One thing is clear: we as a nation are ready for a change. The biggest problem, aside from having to live with each other, is pinpointing a change we can all agree on. We need a change that doesn’t currently seem achievable because we don’t know exactly what kind we need, what we can agree on, and what we can live with.

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The Magic of Fall

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Have I formally announced how much I love fall? I love the crispness in the air more than anything. It makes me feel alive. I love the changing of the leaves. It adds romance to the air. It serves as a reminder of change. Summer feels too much like the same day everyday, but you can see the change in the world when fall arrives. The days get shorter. The bugs are gone. The leaves change colors. It was always my favorite time of the year to ride horses. I could enjoy the view and the company. I could enjoy the sound of the leaves crackling underfoot. It makes more sense during this time of the year and through the winter to light candles and enjoy not only its scent but its light. And I enjoy hot drinks more. More tea, more hot chocolate, and- dare I say it?- more coffee.

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Inspirational Words: Figuring It Out

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And that’s the truth. There are days when I feel like I’m riding this train (called Life) that’s flying down the tracks at 100 mph and it’s a major gamble to figure out which one is going to be my next step before I miss the chance. Or to even plan what my next stop will be.  Sometimes I feel like even when I’m planning, time is going by so fast that I’ll miss it. It’s too easy to get caught up in trying to keep up. Everyone should have the privilege of having a second home in the country to escape the fast lane and disconnect to reconnect with themselves to figure things out. I definitely don’t have it all figured out. I’m just trying to enjoy the view on that train while checking out all the stops. Right now, I’m looking for a stop that makes the most sense in the next step for me to become an interior designer. In the meanwhile, working on this blog helps me to learn and focus on the interior design business. It never hurts to learn who the experts are and to try to learn from them. Do you have it all figured out or are you watching for that next stop?