Dream Home Inspiration: Outdoor Retreats

I must have cabin fever worse than I thought. Unless it’s normal to still feel inspired by this gorgeous spring weather. Our apartment complex has a little lake on site. My Australian Shepherd, Taz, and I have started sitting outside on the benches (well, he sits on the ground, but you get the point) more and more lately. Taz definitely enjoys the breeze that usually lingers around the lake, watching the fish jump out and the turtles swimming by. Sometimes we’ll sit on our patio. I got these comfortable chairs from World Market last year when it went on sale. Like the end of summer kind of sale. The link shows a beautiful lagoon blue chair that I wish I had room for. But as it is, I still love the yellow ones I got, which doesn’t seem to be offered this year, but it looks exactly like the lagoon chair. Anyway, we don’t always sit out there because we have a noisy kid in the next building and-I have nothing against kids- that just kind of kills the mood for me, especially if I’m trying to read. It makes me wish even more for a place of my own, where I could create a fantastic outdoor retreat. I have rounded up a few of my favorites. More inspiration.


Loving this cute rustic spot with the string lights. I’d eat there every day. (Photo via Apartment Therapy)


This is a minimalist view, but I’d still enjoy it. Blue is my favorite color after all. (Photo via Tumbler)

Jason Busch Photographer

This is among one of my favorite spots. Loving all the plants and the french doors. Feels so cozy and private. (Photo via Tumbler)


This would be the perfect spot to relax and watch some wildlife activity. As the picture indicates, it looks gorgeous in the fall. (Photo via Pinterest)


I’m sort of obsessed about the moroccan looks these days. Totally loving the tiles! (Photo via Four Generations One Roof)

Can you imagine having lunch here with close friends or families? What an inviting little spot for brunch and chit-chat! (Photo via Tumbler)


I totally want to be here reading a book and digging my toes in the white sand! (Photo via Kara Rosenlund)

Coventry Log Homes | lovely rustic porch

I would love to sit on the front porch with my dog in a rocking chair with mountains for a view. (Photo via Houzz)

Mediterranean shady terrace by the sea | El Mueble

One day, I’m going to have a tropical experience like this. (Photo via My Paradissi)

Which one is your favorite?


  1. After being in Italy, I always wanted that porch in the first photo. I hung up patio lights, but doesn’t help when we have a cruddy deck (rental)… but the lights make me look up and PRETEND I’m back in Italy (or one of your photos). LOL And love the fall deck one – I so want that!


    1. I live in a rental as well. There is actually someone in the next building who must have the same idea. They use their Christmas lights in place of string lights. I wonder if they have been to Italy. Haha.


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