How I Sanded Down and Refinished My Side Table

It only took me forever and a deadline to re-finish the top of this side table.

I forget how it all started, but it did start with a trip to Habitat for Humanity one Saturday morning. Sometimes- just sometimes- my family likes my opinion on decorating related topics. They also know I dig these types of thing, so they will occasionally invite me along. So this time, it was my middle sister. She was looking for a small dining room table.


DIY: Abstract Word Art

Maybe this needs to be a lesson on styling a little vignette. But, it’s too late to go back and start over to get those paint colors just right, now.


Every now and then I like to create my own word art. Like the typical art creator, I’m very hard on myself about how things turn out, especially when I’m working on a cake. My cakes always turn out tasty, but the decorating part- the devil is in the details, y’all. Anyway, I liked how this word art turned out.