A Green and Gray Dining Room With An Eclectic Mix

via My Domaine

It’s been way too long since I’ve been back on here, blogging. Sorry about the disappearance, like MIA kind of disappearance. So much for keeping my New Year’s intentions  of blogging  twice a week. I’m to figure out a routine to get back on track. It’s a little tricky when I’m trying to housebreak Kali. Keeping her in the living room is best where as she has way too much stuff she could get into in the office. The best solution? Getting a laptop. That’s some portable stuff right there. However, a few things on WordPress looks different, so I’m going to need to get my husband to give me a little tutorial.

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Dreaming of a White Christmas in a Mountain Home

Via Mix and Chic

Everything Ken Fulk does exudes drama with hints of masculinity and timeless classics and this Montana home is no exception. There is so much texture everywhere that you just want to touch it: the stone fireplace, the leather chairs, the fur stool, the wooden coffee table, and if at all possible, those round pendants. And those windows? With what appears to be snow on those trees outside? More eye candy galore!

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Katie Rosenfeld Design

Katie Rosenfeld-Collector’s Item

Katie Rosenfeld is my interior design animal spirit. She injects fun patterns and colors in to every single one of her design projects, which is something that I aspire to do. A lot of her designs have a global flair, particularly when she infuses a lot of Asian influence and some chinoiserie.

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A Classic Interior Architectural Features Paired with Unexpected Pops of Colors

7 Astonishing Living Room Ideas By Steven Gambrel living room ideas 7 Astonishing Living Room Ideas By Steven Gambrel 7 Astonishing Living Room Ideas By Steven Gambrel 5
Via Modern Sofas

This living room by Steven Gambrel is a bit of an inspiration for me. I’m currently trying to experiment with multiple colors in a room but yet pulling it all together. A room that could easily be chaotic but isn’t. The greens make the most sense here. It’s all tied in by the green in the art, the curtains, the stool and the area rug. The gray(or maybe it’s a light blue) in the wall, which acts as a neutral is paired with the gray chair by the desk towards the back and lends a hand to the super lovely blue chesterfield sofa and the sculpture next to it, though that may be a different shade in person. And the doors? The peach shade on them are a fun surprise and leads your eyes to the two chairs with its accent pillows and the pillows on the couch. And, of course, I love that the pattern in the carpet is reflected up in the ceiling in a larger scale.

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Dreaming of Bringing the Outdoors into the Countryside Living Room

Via Mark D. Sikes

This living room just has me dreaming of the countryside. This room looks like you could be in practically any country in the world- Montana, California, England, France, Italy. I could go on. It’s a very romantic room filled to the brink with nature. As you can see in these pictures, at least one cat and one dog are allowed on the furniture. That indicates nothing is too precious to get in the way of living life. The wooden ceilings are to die for! There’s also pictures of plants along the fire place and the pendant lighting looks to be rattan. I am in love with the detailing of the mirror to the far left. I love the driftwood console table behind the couch. And the books! I would consider myself lucky if I could just have a little library big enough to fill in these shelves.

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