Katie Rosenfeld Design

Katie Rosenfeld is my interior design animal spirit. She injects fun patterns and colors in to every single one of her design projects, which is something that I aspire to do. A lot of her designs have a global flair, particularly when she infuses a lot of Asian influence and some chinoiserie.

Maybe I’m biased because blue is a classic favorite color of mine, but the above vignette is one of my favorites by her. Next to the color combination of blue and orange, blue and gold is one of  my favorite combos. The painting, the glorious lamp, and the Asian head solidifies the vignette while the gold and mirror console keeps it light and airy while drawing your eyes down are the stools, which is a nice surprise, particularly by way of its pattern.

Again, you see a little bit of that Asian influence here from the bamboo touch on the side table. But on a different note, I really think that Katie should give lessons on mixing patterns. I don’t think she could do any wrong. Her pattern scale, in particular, are fantastic and something I struggle with. I would love a new set of pillows for my couch, but I can’t quite decide how to go about it. I really just need to pick one as a jumping off point.

This settee is just nothing short of a complete wow factor. First, how fun is it? I mean, the pink piping is just amazing and nicely compliments the back piece of the settee, which could easily look like a headboard. Maybe this is a sleeper settee? While this room is a nice and soft feminine room, the tan grass cloth wallpaper keeps it grounded and from being too overboard in pink. And note how fantastic all the patterns go together!

Check out more of her portfolio below:

I’m in love with this entry way: the brick floors, the dutch doors, the pillow on the raw colored bench, that little sconce, and the wallpaper! This charming entry would make me happy every time I walked though it.

A white kitchen is a classic that you can’t mess up. But I think blue, white and gray is going to be just as timeless.

You might recognize this room as it was recently published in Coastal Living among other publications. And maybe it’s just my feed, but I feel like it’s also one of Katie’s most recognized room as it pops up consistently on pinterest.

I love the drama of this dining room! The chairs are just so much fun in that the two end chairs are in patterned black and white while the other four are in what looks to be a dark blue velvet. And with the dark blue in the curtains along with the black glossy piano plays a nice contrast with the lightness of the rest of the room: the light swirly chandelier, the white walls and light sandy tan grass cloth wallpaper.

Is this not one of the best wall galleries you’ve ever seen? Love all the gold frames and I’m just dying over that lamp.

You know I love a good circular conversation seating arrangement and this one hits the spot. Not only are all the windows amazing and a great conversation starter, but so is the fact that those red striped chairs are paired with an antelope rug! The stripe pattern is repeated throughout the room: the chairs, the rug, the window panes, the ceiling, and the pendant.

Did you see the runner in the foreground? How fun is it that it plays wonderfully off the rest of the space here?

Like I said earlier, I love a good blue and orange combination and this kitchen is just fabulous!

I was first introduced to Katie’s work when I was looking for a great example for my wallpapered powder room post and again when I stumbled across this corner of a room with fantastic shade of blue. I’m thankful for happy accidents like this.

And speaking of feeling thankful, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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