Travel: Charlotte, NC

Who doesn’t love a good weekend trip, right? I love it when it’s at least an hour and a half away. That’s just far enough to feel like I’m a world away. Charlotte is an easy three hour drive from Charleston and boy, was I ready to get out of town. Those travel bugs, you know? And what better excuse is there than to visit one of your sisters? None.


Travel: Bryson City, NC

Although I’d been to the area before (one of my sisters went to Western Carolina University in Cullowhee), Bryson City ¬†was new to me. And what a cute little town it is! We did not choose Bryson City for the attractions it offered, but rather the lack of. We went based off a good looking, pet friendly cabin with a secluded feel. I knew from the descriptions on the website that there would be a steep driveway, but not to the point where it probably should have recommended a four wheel drive. It helps, though, to know how to maneuver on hills- knowing you need a little speed and driving slightly off center of the driveway so you didn’t drive where others drove and spun into the ground. My husband is from SC, where it’s flat. Let’s say he learned something new.


Travel: Costa Rica

Get yourself a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. I’ll try not to get too wordy, but our trip in Costa Rica was amazing. It is such a beautiful country that’s a little rough around the edges. These pictures are from my camera phone and in no way does it do any justice.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get caught up here on The Peace Lodge, which was our first stop. The Peace Lodge is on the same grounds as the La Paz Waterfall and Gardens, so everything was in walking distance. There was so much to see, that unfortunately, we ran out of time to hike their trails to see all the waterfall. The one we got married at was the only one we saw and was the first time we saw it. We saw mostly the animal sanctuary, which for one reason or another cannot be released back into the wild.


Design Destination: The Peace Lodge

This is easily our new favorite place in the entire world. And by our, I mean me and Jon. This is where we stayed while we got married at La Paz Waterfall and Gardens. This is the Peace Lodge. The Peace Lodge has been voted one of the best Honeymoon destinations outside of the US and one of best small boutiques in Costa Rica. My pictures don’t do this place justice, so you’ll just have to visit to find out for yourself. I’ll also post more pictures of the grounds in another post when I do one on this whole trip.