All That Lovely Greenery in the Bathroom

I swear house plants- or rather plants in general- are one of life’s biggest mysteries. Snake plants are suppose to be indestructible, yet one is dying in my bedroom as we speak of the unspeakable! But I’ll confess. I’m not sure where I went wrong. I either drowned it in kindness or I killed it trying to re-pot it in new dirt- both of which I shouldn’t have done. As sturdy as these plants should be, I decided to give it another try. Sorry, Snake Plant #1. You have been replaced by Snake Plant #2 before you even finished dying! Good thing taking care of dogs are easier. Kids? Let’s not even go there.

Despite my sad attempts at keeping these poor plant souls alive, I love all things botanical- minus poison oak, poison ivy and anything else equally bad. Plants have always made me happy. They are the carbon dioxide to our oxygen. We should be able to keep each other alive.

Keeping plants in the bathroom has proven to be a challenge for a lot of us, particularly when there’s no windows in the space. If you’re going to do faux plants, do your best to choose the ones that look the most realistic. Otherwise, the snake plant can survive in very low light to supposedly no light. I find myself skeptical of it surviving in no light. How can a green plant survive without the sun and its photosynthesis process? If you’ve tried it, let me know how it went.

If you’re able to plants in the bathroom, I think it’s a sign of simple luxury. It lends a more serene and spa-like atmosphere that just instantly relaxes you. It also helps to provide more of a sense of privacy and cocoons you as you use the space. I think it helps to set the mind at ease to wander and imagine. If you’re a dreamer, it adds romance. It’s definitely perfect if you’re a bohemian. Just check out The Jungalow if you need more proof. If you have wanderlust, you could definitely create a jungle if you wanted to. But best of all is that it does not cost a fortune out of your wallet.

This is one of the best list of plants for the bathroom.

This is a link to a few more good plants for the bathroom.

This is a great link with tips for plants in small bathrooms.

Check out these ideas for plants in the bathroom!

Now this is one dreamy bathroom (above). Don’t tell me you don’t feel like you’re in a jungle some where faraway. Plants do have the power to ignite your imagination and take you worlds away.

Do you have any plants in your bathroom? Tell me your story about it!

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