White Winter Room in 18 Different Ways

Snow. Can you envision everything covered in blindly beautiful white snow? Does it make you see how quiet the world can be? Does it give you a sense of wonder, transporting you to a fantasy world, making you want to explore every nook and cranny? Are the textures of the ice and snow not amazing? You never know exactly what form the ice will make, though it follows a generally predictable pattern. But all the same, it’s shiny, like diamonds in the sky at night. It’s smooth yet it can have jagged edges. Like wallpaper, it forms patterns of the world. And the snow. It can be powdery and light, like the powdered sugar that you need for the delicious icing on the cake. It’s light, like a blanket covering the ground, lulling us to sleep. Sometimes the sturdier stuff is better, like for sledding on and making snowmen, much like cookie dough where you could make it your own.

I believe those are the concepts behind an all-white room. However, you wouldn’t want to do all the same shades of white throughout. That would be too boring and stark cold. Much like looking at the sky where it’s rarely the same shade of blue from day to day, you need multiple shades of white to create layers and interests.

Have you seen the latest Veranda issue? Completely devoted to white on white, it inspired me to do my own case study:

As beautiful as this kitchen is, it feels a little cold to me. It looks so much like the same shade of white and it has a lot of steel touches.

This room feels a little cozier. The fireplace is a warmer tone, plus it has a black mantel to highlight attention to it. Although the pillows are gray, it adds great texture to the space. Compared to the kitchen above, this room shows you how much of a different texture and tone on tone makes to the space.

This living room is made more inviting and cozy with its lighter colored beams and the intriguing shape of the cowhide. Plus plants add life to any room.

This bedroom has a fairytale cottage feel to it. It’s all the lines in it: the circular window, the planked ceiling crisscrossing with the beams, and the smaller rectangluar windows above the regular sized doors and windows- not to mention that the doors are those romantic french doors.

Such a clean and quiet space.

I think it’s starting to make a difference to me in a room with all the same shade of white when it has different architectural features.

Maybe it’s the plushy pillows or the fabulous faux fur throw, but this bedroom is quietly inviting me to bed. Maybe it’s luring me with that stunning gold lamp base. (It’s so shiny! Must touch!)

Even in white you can accomplish beautifully styled bookshelves!

It was actually no surprise to me to find out that the room above was designed by Campion Platt. His designs are so clean and quiet that it definitely does not interfere with the view outside.

White is not only a great clean slate sort of color, but it’s a great color for minimalists.

This bedroom above is one of the rooms from the recent Veranda issue that inspired me to do my own case study of white rooms. For me, the natural colors adds to the seduction of a white bedroom.



A white sunroom that leads to a garden and is a room full of plants and a little dining space is a pretty fantastic way to do a white room.

As beautiful as white on white can be, it’s still not my style and not the kind of retreat I would want to come home to. Each to their own. Colors- even neutral colors- make me happy and puts me at ease. But be sure to read this post on Design Sponge about these white walls as it goes into details and even shares a brief history of how it all came about.

What are your thoughts?


  1. wow, great post! I loved the white winter room!! It’s definitely amazing!!
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing designs!!!keep posting and inspire us….
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!

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