Top Ten: January Finds, Part One

Happy New Year!

All right, I’ll be honest. This post is really supposed to have been for last month (yesterday), but I’ve been caught by surprise by some kind of cold or flu. So, I was hoping to sort of pass this off as part of for January and then do another one at the end of the month as usual. So, here goes:

Some of you might disagree, but I think it’s really hard for it to feel like it’s truly Christmas when it’s literally 70 degrees outside. But believe me, I’m milking all this warm weather as much as I can. We spent a good chunk of Christmas day outside and with windows and doors thrown open. But the cold and the snow is practically synonymous with Christmas. Growing up, Christmas was always cold. It doesn’t really get cold here in the Lowcountry. It fluctuates and confuses my body. Maybe one day I’ll have a real white Christmas.

With winter and Christmas on my mind,  I have included a variety in my monthly rounds of Christmasy things to tropical homes:

1)My wish list from Loom Decor is pretty long. And with a new house coming up, I’ve got plenty of windows to fill up. It’s too soon to say which ones will be right for the house, but I think this one is pretty chic.

2)This home is a pleasant surprise. It’s a nice traditional Tudor house on the outside, but a delightfully fun home on the inside. In some ways, this has got some house goals for me!

3)With it being winter, I thought this time of the year would be great to share what I stumbled upon on from Design Indulgence’s post: a tropical HGTV Dream Home. This would be the perfect retreat!

4)Let’s just say in the near future, this will be the perfect shirt for me!

5)I’ve always toyed with the idea of moving to a new country. You can’t get more adventurous than that. This post is great for anyone thinking about taking that leap.

6)I’m not a big fan of pink, but in this home, it’s used just right. There is just something about this home that I keep re-visiting it. Maybe it’s all the blues?

7)For all you bookworms, this has got several great reading inspired lists for 2017. It’s actually inspired me to start keeping track of what I’m reading in 2017.

8)I saw this waaaaayy too late to ask this for Christmas. Too adorable!

9)I agree with pretty everything on this list happening for homes in 2017.

10)I love a well-decorated hotel boutique that has felt lived in for years. I’m going to have to keep this one in mind.

I hope you all had a great holiday! What do you plan to do for 2017?

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