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A South African Home Decorated in Fabulous Neutrals

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this stunning South African home. Designed by Sue Bond, this home is a master lesson in neutrals done right. She would be a great candidate to give that particular lesson or to even write a book.

Let’s start with that stunning view in the photo above. Can you imagine how amazing 360 degrees of that is? I’d be right at home with mountains in my view, however the article by Conde Nast mentions the Atlantic Ocean. That would be cool, too.


5 Fabulous Home Tours

I haven’t been feeling too well lately. With not having that much energy to exert, I did want to still share a few favorites with you. Hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful homes as much as I did.

  1. Love this blue and white room with a fresh twist by Amanda Webster Design.
  2. I cannot get enough of this gorgeous Long Island House by Jersey Ice Cream Co. Any house with windows and views like that is to die for!
  3. If we’re all about bringing the outdoors in, why not dine at a restaurant that has plants in every corner to the point of feeling like you might be out on the patio? This is in Copenhagen!
  4. When it comes to fabulous homes in Costa Rica, you can bet Beth Webb was behind it.
  5. You never would have guessed this home owner did not spend a fortune on her home! It’s so fun and eclectic.

One Room Challenge: Spring of 2017

Every year there’s a contest where 20 blogger get together for a contest. A contest to make over at least one room in 6 weeks! Can you imagine the stress? I’m a slight prostincator, so, yeah, I’m imagining that.

One Room Challenge. 20 Bloggers. 6 weeks.

But, man, are the results worth it! Sometimes we all need that push to get a room done and get some of that eye candy in our homes. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Not only do I love the blue and gray color combination done by Censtational Girl, I’m dying over that corner fireplace. And her lumbar pillow. And her ceiling light fixture… click here for more.


A Cozy Plaid Inspired Mountain Home by Anthony Baratta

Via Veranda

Every once in a while, we just need a good plaid story home. Plaid comes and goes, but it’s always timeless with the fall and winter season. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about that pattern just says cozy during the colder weather. Which is why I thought now was the perfect time to share this mountain home designed by Anthony Baratta, though you may have seen it in Veranda’s November issue.


Design Destination: Hotel Emma

I’ve been to San Antonio. It’s a very cool place. The river walk was definitely one of my favorite things about the downtown. It has a very romantic atmosphere and you could tell the city has some history to it. Jon and I had gone a couple of years ago to visit my grandparents who live just outside of San Antonio and one of those days was spent with them as our tour guide for San Antonio. They took us out on one of the river boat tours, which is a really cool way to see a city, by the way, but Hotel Emma sits a little north of the downtown where we were. It sits in a neighborhood called the Pearl, which is called so after the Pearl Brewery was the only San Antonio brewery to survive the Prohibition.

This hotel would be a major splurge for me, if we were to seriously consider staying at this place. And if you want a hotel that focuses on details, I think this would be the place for you. I came across this hotel while reading about it on the World of Wanderlust blog and she mentions that the things in the hotel are available for purchase. That would be a major temptation for me, should I ever stay there. And I bet the roof top pool has a pretty cool view of the city.