One Room Challenge: Spring of 2017

Every year there’s a contest where 20 blogger get together for a contest. A contest to make over at least one room in 6 weeks! Can you imagine the stress? I’m a slight prostincator, so, yeah, I’m imagining that.

One Room Challenge. 20 Bloggers. 6 weeks.

But, man, are the results worth it! Sometimes we all need that push to get a room done and get some of that eye candy in our homes. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Not only do I love the blue and gray color combination done by Censtational Girl, I’m dying over that corner fireplace. And her lumbar pillow. And her ceiling light fixture… click here for more.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: pink is not my favorite color. However, Holly Hollingsworth Phillip is one of my favorite designers. I love everything she does. Every One Room Challenge that she does, I look forward to the end result and I’m never disappointed! This pink room is no exception. I mean, how many people do you know could pull off pink lacquered ceilings? The wall paper is fabulous and animal print rugs are one of her signatures. Click here so you can see her fabulous styling on that bookcase in the corner.

How about this fabuously moody yet traditional bedroom? House of Brinson is new to me and this room got me wanting more. Needless to say, I signed up to follow their blog. That Farrow and Ball paint- Inchrya Blue- completely makes this room! I love this shade! And instead of doing the usual four poster bed with curtains, they hung the fabric behind the headboard, on the wall. If that doesn’t add luxurious drama, then I don’t know what does! See more here.

An all white bathroom is not normally my thing, but there’s something about this one by House Updated that I’m drawn to. Maybe it’s the rug adding a splash of color and tying with the sink cabinets. Love those pulls, by the way! Or maybe it’s the style of the sink. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessing over stand in showers right now because I’d love to expand my own. The tile in herringbone pattern and a window in the bathroom adds a little romance to the space. Click here to see more.

This room makes me so happy just by looking at it. All the colors! Not to mention those lovely blue velvet chairs that I’ve been eyeing for some time. The curtains in that shade of color is pretty spectacular and softens the entire space. I never would have guessed that rug came from All Modern. That’s a pretty good looking rug to have gotten off the internet. See more here.


This is another great moody and traditional bedroom, but with a surprising element of a fun sitting room just off of it. Orange and green could have easily gone cameo, but Old Home Love made it work out beautifully. The light fixtures in both rooms are fabulous! Click here for more.

You can’t go wrong with green, blue, and purple. Plus since getting back from Costa Rica (over a year now, if you can believe it! I can’t. Gotta go back. Like now!), I’ve been on a tropical everything kick. Half of my ideas are inspired from that trip. Anyway, point being is that I love that wall paper behind the bed paired with a soft lavender bed frame. But that blue lamp makes the room for me. I love it! See more here, including the bathroom for this lucky girl’s room.

Visit this link to see what everyone else did.

Guest participants will share their reveals shortly. Keep an eye out for that!


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