10 Best Landscape Photography

You know I’ve said it time and time again how much I’m inspired by nature. That being said, I want to pick up more landscape photography. I’m not choosing something because it looks pretty, but because it transports me somewhere. Here are my 10 favorites that I’d love to have in my house:

1)This is not a Gray Malin aerial view, but it’s just as good to me. Honestly, I’m in love with the colors here. I think this photographer captured just the right amount of color that would equally capture me if I were in a helicopter flying over an island for the first time. Check out the Etsy shop here.

2) This photograph perfect captures a rough but beautiful and windy day at the beach. On days like that, I think there’s so much to look at and to feel. I see the wave coming and I’m feeling the anctipation of it crashing. I’m also seeing the water pull back and I can practically feel it around my feet as it sinks into the sand. Get it here at Minted.

3) Although I can’t recall hiking this close to the edge where you can see that far down, I feel like this captures a moment of hiking along to the destination, the end of the trail and catching the glimpse of the destination, or even a passing moment of a beautiful view. There’s almost nothing more I love (coffee? horses? traveling in general, anyone?) than mountains and being surrounded by trees. See her Etsy shop here.

4) Waterfalls are a thing for me. I definitely love going up to the mountains and picking the trails that ends with a waterfall. There’s just something magical about them. They’re so simple and relaxing. Now they have an extra special meaning to me. I was on one of those hikes when Jon proposed to me and we got married in the rainforest by a waterfall. This photograph has an extra cool view to it. Usually you’re facing the front of it. In this one, you’re facing the back of it. Can’t you just hear it as if you were there? Check out the Etsy shop here.

5) I’m immediately transported somewhere tropical and warm in this photo. I’m practically imagining a lazy river and just tubing down that crystal clear water. Wouldn’t it be so cool to see colorful fish in the water and look up to see monkeys jumping from tree to tree? This scene is set in Mexico, so it’s not a far-fetched idea. Get it at One Kings Lane here.

6) The colors are stunning, like I’m watching a sunset as it becomes dusk. I can’t describe it as well with this photograph why it’s one of my favorites. It’s a type of view that just takes my breath away. There’s something quiet about it that adds to the senses of the scene and the trees off to the side are pretty cool. It’s almost like you’re standing there waiting for someone to come back from the ocean on a ship. See the Etsy shop here.

7) I love a good walk in the woods. It centers me, relaxes me, and connects me back to earth. Although the path is wide here, I feel like I’m strolling along, taking it all in. The woods are never as quiet as it first seems. Eventually you hear the trees in the wind, the birds chirping, squirrels scuttling about, a creek nearby running, and deer taking off. Yet there’s more than enough peace to be alone with your thoughts. Pick it up here at Minted.

8) This is mother nature’s way of adding drama to the world. The color contrast amazes me every time, especially when you get hints of sunshine amongst the dark scary clouds. I love that it highlights the land and your eyes are drawn to the path off to the side and off into the distance as if inviting you to explore more, which it makes me want to do so. As a teenager when we visited the Grand Canyon, I thought the desert was a very bland place to be. And it can be, but I would definitely have a deeper and different appreciation for it today. This photograph reminds me to get back out west and view it with new eyes. Get it at this Etsy shop here.

9) I just recently bought a shirt off of Etsy that says “Morning Coffee and the Mountain Air.” This photographic scene basically captures a view that I imagine myself enjoying while drinking coffee and being wrapped up in a blanket. Yet another magical scene. I love mountains so much that I seriously considered incorporating it into my blog name with something like “Mountain Air and Palm Trees.” Palm trees because I live near the coast and in a state that has palm trees. Anyway, check out the Etsy shop here.

10) There is almost something romantic about this scene. There is almost something romantic about standing in meadow with the vast view ahead and the wind blowing in your hair and the tall grass swaying gently around you as you contemplate your life. Oddly enough, this makes me think of the scene from Pride and Prejudice, starring Keira Knightly, where she stands on the edge of the cliff along her travels with her aunt and uncle. Maybe it’s just those awe-inspiring views. Get it here on Minted.

There are plenty of other places to find good landscape photographies, but obviously Etsy is my number one choice of source. I think they have a lot of great affordable art options. Minted and One Kings Lane starts to get a little pricey, but at least the frames are customed to the size of the art print. What’s your favorite go to source for art prints?

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