My Cabin Fever Muse 9.16.16

I’m ready for a weekend getaway and have been searching for a nice looking cozy, pet friendly cabin in the North Carolina Mountains. Needless to say, I’ve got cabin fever right now because I’m loving everything cabin- rustic, wood, texture, huge windows, and coziness.

Roger Wade Studio has a stunning photography portfolio of log cabins and interiors. I just want to live in all of these homes.

Water and mountain views? That’s the best kind there is!

Stunning bathroom! Love the design of the walk-in shower.

This cabin sits in Tennessee and its interiors was done by Suzanne Kasler. It is a stunning home that feels collected over time yet feels a little fresh.

This is one of my most favorite kitchen in a cabin that I’ve ever seen. I love how the silvers are displayed over the gorgeous oven range. And, of course, there’s art in the kitchen. See more of the house here.

Love this bedroom idea from Kathleen Rivers’ Cashier, North Carolina mountain home. Very creative idea to mount antlers and then drape fabric over it for a canopy feel. See more here.

This is another home built in Tennessee (noticing a pattern? Maybe I need to check out the mountains in Tennessee.) and the interiors were by Tammy Connor. This living room is so calm in all its rustic glory with pops of blues and hints of orange. Notice the white trims around the doors and windows. It adds light freshness to the room.

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this room, but I find it adorable and refreshing in a cabin. The rug is a little bit of a surprise to me. Not the part where it’s got some pile height, which is great in cabins for texture, but more of the color and pattern. It’s almost like a modern tribal rug. Love that the lighting hanging over each bed adds some industrial rawness to the room. See more here.

How fantastic is that view from that dining nook? Let me slide on over with a cup of coffee every morning there!

This is an awesome kitchen! The stone range over the stove is a cool feature and I love that they put windows over the cabinets to let in more light. That’s how you do it with high ceilings without losing any cabinet spaces! Check out the rest of the house here.

Do you have a place in the mountains that you like to get away to? Let me know where I should go.


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