The Spotlight: Architecturally Textured Home by Catherine Fedorchenko

I was chugging along on pinterest like I usually do, just looking at pretty pictures and pinning away when I was stopped completely in my tracks by this picture below.

Modern gray living room with touches of gold:

This room is simply amazing for it being so neutral. The texture of the couch just makes me want to lay all over it. The rug looks equally luxurious. And that lighting! Let’s talk about that. What a statement! I think it’s what helps make this room. I love all the geometric things happening in this room-it’s just so interesting. That mirror is pretty awesome, too.

Luckily once I clicked on the pin, it took me directly to the source. And there is so much candy to look at! I didn’t realize until after I explored the website that this living room is actually on the cover of France’s Elle Decor magazine. No surprise there.

This home is so neutral and has so much clean lines that I thought I was looking at a hotel at first. Hotel looks in a home is not usually something I go for, but it’s pretty awesome here with all its dramatic character. I think that’s Catherine Fedorchenko’s style and she’s good at it. I can’t say enough good things about the interior architecture.

Click here to get the rest of the tour. You might have to get the website translated as its in french, but that doesn’t matter if you just want pretty pictures. Enjoy!


  1. A little too modern for my (now) taste, but I love the living room. The mirror is cool and I agree with you – the sofa’s and the rug are inspirational.
    Funny because I still have such an eclectic style – changes depending on the location of my home (renter) and this one would have been perfect when I lived IN the city (Seattle).

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      1. I can see the bohemian style for you! I really think it’s funny we refer to it as bohemian, in the south we just refer to it as a junker. LOL Collecting whatever the hell we find, pick up, restore, etc. 🙂

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