Book Club: Styled by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has one of the most relatable style in interior design. Her looks are easily achievable and her blog and book, Styled, shows you how to get it. She does a great job of blending a couple of high end pieces with some lower end products from Target and the flea market- just two of her favorite sources from among many. And she has a relatable personality. If you’ve been following her blog, then you know how she is with her sense of humor (love it!). While keeping it all professional (with the exception of a few personal moments), she keeps it light, fun, and a joy to read.

To really be able to help you out, in this book she starts you off with a quiz to pinpoint your decorating style. I got Modern Glam; no surprise there as I do love to add gold accessories and touches of glam to every room. Much like a color wheel, Emily has a style wheel in which she uses to show you which style  works with which and to blend your style with another to create interest and a collected look. In my case, it’s blending modern glam with zen. It’s funny, really. With my wall colors being shades of gray, blues, and greens, I was already on the right path without realizing it. It really is a look I was trying to create but didn’t have the words for it before this book as I was basically trying to create a feeling: glamorous but laid back nature inspired.

Something about this book that I had noticed is that it comes recommended on a few list of blog books to read. As I first started reading Styled, I didn’t quite understand it, but it made total sense by the time I was done. Every blog needs to have beautiful pictures and a good vignette- the particulars of this book- needs every item to relate to one another. If you’re a huge instagram fan, this book has tons of tips that you can apply to on topics beyond interior design. If there’s one thing I need to work on to improve my blog – aside from buying a good grown up camera- it’s to brush up on my photography skills. Learning how to style things would be my next step in creating a great vignette.

I love her rules of threes. I knew about the power of three before- or just grouping things in odd numbers because it’s somehow more appealing. The way Emily broke it down made it so much simpler to get a great look: one item needs to be vertical, one horizontal, and one sculptural to tie it all in. This is the perfect recipe to create interest.

If you haven’t read this book yet, I won’t spoil any more for you. If you have, let me know what style you got from her quiz.

And finally, this is one book I can check off my design book wish list!

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