Book Club: Made to Order

Time is just flying by right now. We just got back from a weekend trip up to the mountains and I lost track of blogging time, which in my defense is quite easy to do when you go up for a nice relaxing weekend to disconnect. But, when the Blue Ridge Mountains are having some unusual wildfires and it’s just all around smoky, it’s hard to focus. The smoke has reached all the way to Charleston and I tend to get light headaches after being around any kind of smoke in my face long enough. I’m kind of surprised- though maybe I shouldn’t be- that there’s not more coverage on it. How do people out in California put up with all the smoke from the wildfires they have every year? And all at once it breaks my heart and pisses me off that there are people out there who wants to literally set the world on fire. I believe most of the wildfires going on right now were started by arson. Why, people? Why?

Anyway, the main point of this post is to share my thoughts on Made to Order. Campion Platt’s book is full of inspiring ideas and beautiful pictures. I’m a lover of patterns, so this book was a little eye opening to learn how you can could do without. His most important design elements were achieved through lighting and textures. His designs are mostly quite serene and the colors are used sparingly. Maybe I’ve never paid attention before but normally I find that people who travel and gather inspiration that way tend to be a little bit of a maximalist or bohemian and that’s a little bit on the extreme end of the spectrum from Campion.

His designs are so clean and thoughtful that his inspirations are so subtle you almost miss it. I love that so much of his work is custom and that he shared a few sketches of what he designed for the clients. To me, that’s a good sign of a good designer- one who cares about the client’s needs and lifestyle.

Check out his full portfolio here. Although most of these pictures are from Architectural Digest, they’re also pictures you’ll find in his book. And he also recently joined The Decorist team! Get on the wait list if you want him to do your house!

“The operative words here are reflectivity and pearlescence- glossy walls and floors that blaze with sunlight by day and shimmer after dark.”- Campion Platt

Made to Order will definitely be a good source of inspiration should I come across a project that requires a simple and clean design. Now that I think about it, I wonder if my husband was trying to give me a hint, seeing as he was the one who got the book for me…(I kid!).

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