Color Therapy: Lavender

I tried to do good research. Really, I did. It just appears that the color, Lavender, is almost a rather boring color, though beautiful. Its history seems be as soothing as its namesake flower. It does not seem to have played in any major part in the trading industry, like the indigo did, and it wasn’t a lethal color like emerald once was. Basically, it’s just part of the purple family, which has been a color choice for royalties. And that was mainly because back in the day only royalties could afford the purple dye, which was made from snails.

Lavender Lipstick by Benjamin Moore - perfect paint shade, purple but not too bright or overwhelming:

Via Pinterest and Benjamin Moore

Probably like anyone else, when I hear the word ‘lavender’, I immediately think of the flower it was named for. Did you know it repeals mosquitoes? You can bet I’m going to plant these in my yard, if I can, when we get a house. Read this to check out all the varieties lavender actually comes in.


Part of why I wanted to research lavender was because I seem to be seeing it more often. It’s still not a popular color. Many people still associate it as a feminine color-though not as much as pink. But it compliments gray rather nicely, and gray is everywhere now. After all, gray is the new beige.

But before we talk about interiors, here are a few more things that the word “lavender” makes me think of…

Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Sequim Washington

Via Panoramio

Lavendar Farms. How amazing would it be to just step out of the car and smell heaven? This photo above is of Purple Haze Lavender Farm out in Sequim, WA. They offer just about everything, from soap to renting some of their space for a wedding. Check them out here.

Park Slope Garden with Wisteria in Bloom by Kim Hoyt_Gardenista

Via The Gardenista

Wisteria is another lavender colored flower. Read here for a bit of background information on Wisteria, like how if it’s not maintained, it may kill other plants if it gets too close.

And then you have Wisteria, a website that sells furniture, home decor, and more. Now that will kill your wallet, but it’s so great to go and browse.

Via Buzzfeed

Beautiful dresses like this…


Via Muchin with Muchkin

…Makes you want to sip on something nice, like a lavender lemonade…

Beautiful lavender wedding color palette:

Via Wedding Party

…Which is something you can do at a wedding, actually. Lavender is an extremely popular color choice for wedding and it’s pretty obvious why. It’s a soft romantic color.

And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you know about Lavender Brown.

Via Houzz

In this short article, Samantha Schoech talks about how lavender actually works with a lot of colors. Read here for more information on how to decorate with lavender. I love how it’s used in this eclectic style here.

Hampton Designer Showhouse, love how this sectional fits into the corner, by Eddie Lee:

Via Simplified Bee

Here’s another great example of how lavender plays well with other colors. This stunning room was actually featured in the Hampton Designer Showhouse back in 2012. I love how fun this space is. And notice the grass cloth wallpaper and that single line of color under the molding. These are awesome details.

Decorating with lavender, mauve, purple and lilac and how to make it work:

Via Melinda Hartwright

I find this room quite interesting. The color combinations are not one that I would have thought of, but I like that it’s a traditional room kept youthful and playful. Loving those coffee tables!

Decorating with lavender, mauve, purple and lilac and how to make it work:

Via Melinda Hartwright

I love the deeper tones of lavender here on the wall and in the curtains. It’s also pretty neat that it teamed up with the jewel tones of the chairs and the sideboard. I think it creates a fun and luxurious vibe while asking to be taken seriously.

Take 5: All about decorating with Lavender - The Cottage Market:

Via The Cottage Market

Like the jewel tone room from AD, lavender doesn’t have to be serene. It can be quite dramatic! That antique mirror is just perfect with the chandelier and the chesterfield couch.

Via Digs Digs

This bedroom is the perfect example to show you how well lavender goes with gray and even silver. Also take a look here at the rest of Digs Digs post on lavender rooms.

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 25.08.14

Via This is Glamourous

We gotta have at least one example of lavender in the bathroom and how glamorous is this example? Love it with all the gold touches.

Tour a Sophisticated and Chic Spanish Home

Via My Domaine

I love how this couch is a statement here. A lavender couch is also a great way to bring in the color if you just wanted a little pop of it. Be sure to view the rest of the tour here. There are shades of purples, particularly lavender throughout the home.


Via Comtess du Chocolat

These cupcakes are just so cute that I literally want to eat them.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you like decorating with lavender?


  1. Like you, I always associate it with the flower (which I personally love). There are some great photos (I liked the Simplified Bee & Melinda photos). I DID actually paint my daughters’ room lavender (once upon a time) but that was when she was old enough to pick it and it was soothing (but then she turned into a teenager)… lol


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