DIY: Abstract Word Art

Maybe this needs to be a lesson on styling a little vignette. But, it’s too late to go back and start over to get those paint colors just right, now.


Every now and then I like to create my own word art. Like the typical art creator, I’m very hard on myself about how things turn out, especially when I’m working on a cake. My cakes always turn out tasty, but the decorating part- the devil is in the details, y’all. Anyway, I liked how this word art turned out.

I know now, looking back that it would have helped to lay the paint containers down flat for a better styling attempt, but at least you can kind of see what I used.


This word art was going to go with the wall gallery that I was planning on putting above my tv, so I thought long and hard about what to create. I decided to try my hand with a touch of abstract. I first painted the background surface white and then just dabbed different shades of blue to try and balance it out. It was turning out a little dark, so I went back to adding a touch of white on top of the blues, turning the canvas as I go.



I thought it might be a fun twist to put a word on top of the abstract paint. As you can see below, I tried out a few different ways to paint the words. Can you tell what I was leaning towards?


Using the bronze paint, I carefully free handed “Home”. I used the rough drafts to make sure I didn’t get too off scale and it worked pretty well for me. I also painted the side edges bronze- it just looks orange here for whatever reason. You can tell the edges are not perfect here either. Free handed that, too.


Unfortunately, it stuck out way too much like a sore thumb to fit into my wall gallery. Too much bronze- which I was afraid of, but I was insistent upon myself to create it this way. It’s almost like when you get obsessed with a new tv show and you can’t move on until you get through it all. Yeah, I can’t really create something different until it gets out of my system. I know it’s weird.


It’s new home is now on my- cabinet- hutch? What would the technical term be for this thing here? I call it a book shelf.




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