Dreaming of Bringing the Outdoors into the Countryside Living Room

This living room just has me dreaming of the countryside. This room looks like you could be in practically any country in the world- Montana, California, England, France, Italy. I could go on. It’s a very romantic room filled to the brink with nature. As you can see in these pictures, at least one cat and one dog are allowed on the furniture. That indicates nothing is too precious to get in the way of living life. The wooden ceilings are to die for! There’s also pictures of plants along the fire place and the pendant lighting looks to be rattan. I am in love with the detailing of the mirror to the far left. I love the driftwood console table behind the couch. And the books! I would consider myself lucky if I could just have a little library big enough to fill in these shelves.

I love the color selections in this room. The blue in the couch and the stairway just makes me dream of the blue skies (making me picture somewhere out west, though this is in England). The lamp shades with its fringes are fun and ties in with the pillows. The subtle warmth from the wall color lends a hand to keeping this eclectic room cozy. I love that the golden retriever has a little corner all to himself.

Usually I’m a big fan of curtains with patterns, but I’m digging that this one doesn’t. It’s very cohesive with the room, playing nicely with the wall color and the ceiling. It’s not calling for attention away from the red chair that is obviously this cat’s favorite spot. The curtains almost blends so cohesively with the house that you almost-just almost- miss the awesome architectural feature of the arch in the windows. Again, there’s all the nature being pulled into this house with the little plant garden sitting on the table by the window. I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like sisal is installed wall to wall. It’s usually the case that it’s a natural grass carpet or big area rug when a smaller antique or vintage rug sits on top of it.

You can get more of the tour here and here. Can’t say enough good things about this home by Amanda Brooks.

What did you think of this home? I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere and have had time to think about it.

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  1. I love the amount of detail in the room and love the couch in the seen with the stairs for some reason. It does seem to have a lot here, so to speak, a lot of potential in the way that a room can have potential..

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