The Swirly, Curvy Bentwood Rocker

The Bentwood Rocker is one of the most easily recognized furniture. Created by  Micheal Thonet, there is nothing sharp about this rocking chair. It has a beautiful swirly curved design to it and rocks very nicely. The seat and backing are versatile, but originally started out with cane.

There are so many pieces of furniture out there that it’s hard to pay attention to them all and the Bentwood Rocker was one of them until I noticed it in my sister’s living room. It was an heirloom piece from her husband’s grandmother. It’s in great shape, but probably could do with a fresh twist with its fabric color.

Some time after that, my mom told me that she had one when I was little. Apparently even back then, I must have really liked it- liked it so much that I teethed on it. I don’t remember the rocking chair too much. Just that she had one.

Thonet was one of the first guys to pioneer in the field of bending wood, particularly with veneer and beechwood. He was very innovative in his designs, however simple some of them may be.

Even the well know artist Pablo Picasso loved his chairs. He had one of his own Bentwood Rockers!

Bunny Williams used one in one of her designs, but for a surprise twist, instead of cane or fabric, she had it done in acrylic.

These Bentwood Rockers have evolved its styles over the years as Thonet introduced fresh ways to design it, but I think the most common style of them all are the ones you see in these pictures. I did not come across very many of the others.

This post had the most thorough history I could find on the Bentwood Rocker. It will also show you the other styles that came to be through the years. I thought it was also a neat twist that she found some of these chairs in some artworks.

Boutique hotel in Mallorca "The Guest houses"

This post elaborated a little bit on Thonet in general and of his other varied chairs.

El Motel Bangtel

This post talks a little bit on how to tell if you’ve got an actual Thonet chair and not a knock off.

Bentwood Rockers are a popular choice with the DIY crowd. If you’re looking to make one over, you should have no problem finding tips on the internet.

Have you ever had one play a part in your life?

Crossing my fingers for minimal damage in the southeast. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti! They did not need that visit from Hurricane Matthew. Hope all’s well in the Carribean. I haven’t gotten an update on that yet.

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