36 Collectively Awesome and Cool Flower Pots

Every gardener needs a few flower pots- a few for inside the house and a few for outside.

A good flower pot sets the mood the way a good pillow does. It helps to fine tune your atmosphere, whether you’re going for a clean look in a japanese garden or something a little more elaborate for a french or an english garden.

Every room in the house (except perhaps dark, no windows bathrooms, attics, and basements) and every outdoor space benefits from having plants and flowers. In fact, they’re practically essential to the success of the space. That being said, flower pots are viewed as a decorative accessory. It’s a great way to add in an orange flower pot in a gray room for that pop of color. Or choosing a white flower pot to carry the white on white monochromatic look. It’s even a great way to add in texture. You’ll notice a lot of homes have their plants tucked inside woven baskets or flower pots. I personally love a good flower pot with pattern and color on it followed by texture. Here’s a few favorites that I rounded up:

1-Terrazo Hexagon Planter// 2-Mid-century Turned Leg Tabletop Planters-Reactive Glaze// 3-Ridged Stone Planters// 4-Ceramic Wallscape Planters// 5-Bahia Mid-century Standing Planters// 6-Krusbar// 7)-Druflader// 8-Netera Planter// 9-Hammered Trio Plant Hanger// 10- Gwyneth 4 Piece Terracotta Pot Planter Set// 11-Dragonfly Cement Pot Planter// 12- Christien Chinese Porcelain Pot Planter

13- Rectangle Floor Glass Pot Planter// 14- Marble Look Flower Pot Planter// 15- Scalamandre Porcelain Pot Planter// 16- Arabesque Cast Stone Pot Planter// 17- Polyresin Pot Planter// 18- Imperial Garden Flower Ceramic Pot Planter// 19- Daniel Resin Pot Planter// 20- Waterside Terracota Pot Planter// 21- Harlow Round 3 Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set// 22- Habit + Form Cylinder Pot// 23- Windowpane Weave Planter// 24- All Weather Wicker Patio Trough

25- Tapered Wooden Leg Pot// 26- 16″ Round Wicker Planter Gray// 27- Trifoot Planter// 28- Italian 26″ Fiber Stone Patio Urn// 29- Cylinder Rattan Planter of 3-Brown// 30- Monaco Planter- Brown// 31- Outdoors Assam Elephant Planter-Gray// 32- Pyramid Planter- White// 33- A&B Home Floor Planter// 34- Seneca Metal Planters- Copper Band Set of 3// 35- Glazed Terracotta Planter Pot-White// 36- Howell Planter

If you’re more of a DIY lover, here’s a bunch of cute ideas for making your own planters.

Are you a flower pot collector? If so, what’s your favorite? I could collect flower pots and flowers all day. I should share what I’ve got so far, but I will let you know that I’ve already gotten a couple of pots off this list! However, I’m still drooling over the Howell Planter. I love the pattern and texture yet it’s still neutral. The Elephant Planter would add a fantastic exotic touch to any space. I thought this glass planter was pretty cool. As weird as it sounds, sometimes I wish I could see what is going on beneath the surface and I certainly could see with this one! If you are tight on space, put these planters on the wall! They’re great for adding some depth as well. Or if you’re tired of round or square pots, get funky with a hexagon shaped planter! I think the dragonfly planter and the windowpane planter would be a great touch if you have a mini fairy garden.

Got any that should be added to this list?

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