Design That Domaine: Couches

As you all know, we just recently moved into a much nicer apartment and decided to kick the futon to the curb (no, not really. It was returned to its rightful owners.)

Our first stop was Morris Sokol. Actually it was two stops but both times- in their process of closing down- all the sofas were sold out and we left with the dining table set instead. It’s working out great. It’s just the perfect size for me to work on puzzles on instead of the coffee table and for me to work on little art projects instead of the kitchen floor at the old place because it wasn’t carpeted.

The next stop was another local store called GDC Home, where we probably sat in every piece of furniture, trying to figure out what we liked.

We liked this slip covered couch but decided it was too beachy for us.


I loved this couch, but the fiancee didn’t. It also didn’t help that it was way too much for us. You can’t see it very well here, but it had the nail heads I craved.


We both loved this couch but as you can see, the back cushion pillows were not very big. It was just some lumber pillows and wasn’t that comfortable after leaning back for a few minutes. Also very expensive. I think at least two of the couches were Lee Industries.

We dropped in Harverty Furniture and Badcock Furniture and didn’t see anything. Strike out there.

There were a couple that we thought about at Pier One:

Alton Sofa - Ecru

The Alton Sofa in Ecru

The Carmen Sofa in Flax

Notice that the trend continues? Love the nail head details. Can’t help it. The fiancee doesn’t get it, but that’s ok. I think it was right around this time that I had decided that we needed to go with a three seater couch as oppose to a two seater. No one likes sitting in the middle in between cushions and for as wide as couches are, I wanted at least three people sitting on it comfortably.

We popped over to Rooms to Go and saw this couch.

Shop for a Sofia Vergara Santa Barbara 2 Pc Sectional at Rooms To Go. Find Living Room Sets that will look great in your home and complement the rest of your furniture.:


I guess it’s more like a sectional couch, isn’t it? We came pretty close to choosing this option, but we decided that since our home was temporary and we weren’t 100% sure at the time if we would be staying in this current apartment beyond next year, that this couch would not necessarily be flexible to our needs. Like, we could be screwed if our next living room was much smaller. They’re apparently not selling this couch anymore but I found this picture on pinterest. It’s much better than the one that I took, which turned out too dark.

I liked a lot of the things Pottery Barn has, but the store downtown is too small to really be thought of as a furniture store. How can you order something without sitting in it? I’m not sure they even had half the list of something from each category of their sofas. But here’s what we like:

Pearce Upholstered 2-Piece Chaise Sectional | Pottery Barn:

Pearce Upholestered 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

PB Comfort Square Upholstered 3-Piece Sectional | Pottery Barn:

PB Comfort Upholestered 3-Piece Sectional with Corner

Buchanan Upholstered Grand Sofa, Polyester Wrapped Cushions, Brushed Canvas Stone - Pottery Barn:

Buchanan Roll Arm Upholestered Sofa

I think two of the three were actually chairs. It seems logical that if you like the chair, you’ll like the couch, right? I think the Pearce sectional was the only couch in the store. There might have been another, but I can’t remember it. I think one of these would have been our choice if the fiancee hadn’t wanted instant gratification. As our home is temporary, I can understand already wanting to go ahead and use the couch. Pottery Barn has standard quick ship couches, but they’re generally white. That would be a nightmare with my dog who is 90% black. Getting the color we wanted would have taken 8-10 weeks. We would have already been living at our new place for 2-3 months. That was a big NO.

I had wanted to pop over in Ethan Allen since forever and when we finally did, I enjoyed browsing everything, even though the fiancee had to keep reminding me to focus.

Arcata Sofa

This sofa is a lot whiter in person than it looks here. Again, we faced the issue of such a white couch with my black dog and I didn’t want to do that. At this point, this couch was the leading favorite. It was comfortable and had a good price point, but I looked at the reviews online and it kind of scared me away from it. Have any of you owned anything from Ethan Allen? I didn’t like that there were so many bad reviews of them, so I moved on.

We finally found our dream couch at a local store called Acquistions.


It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but it was perfect. It’s not white and it’s a three seater. It’s nice and deep so that we can take naps on it together comfortably. I can also tuck my legs up, which was an important factor because I tuck my legs up all the time, no matter what I’m doing.



Did I mention that it’s super comfortable?


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