Book Club: Alexa Hampton and Ellie Tennant

Christmas comes every year. Everyone has a different take on it. Christmas conjures images of snow and Christmas trees in my head, followed by what it means to me: the spirit of giving.

Christmas tree in the snow

This is a very pretty image-similar to what I imagine for Christmas. It’s pretty unfortunate at times that I now live where I’m lucky to get an ice storm.

But, back to the subject of giving. I wanted to share a couple of the things that I received for Christmas.


Decorating in Detail by Alexa Hampton and Design Bloggers at Home by Ellie Tennant. I was very excited to have more reading materials! Yes, I’m a bookworm.

Decorating in Detail seems to have gotten good reviews and also seems to have good information (I think we all know that not all design books are know for information.). I’m a little hopeful that I’ll get some good blogging advice from Design Bloggers at Home. I think this book also got good reviews.

I have good intentions of sharing my reviews on these books.

Have you read either one? Let me know! Have other suggestions? Let me know about that, too!

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