Design That Domaine: For Fuji

You may remember that in my Top Ten: February Finds post, I mentioned that I bought an artwork from the JessicaIllustration Etsy shop for the bathroom. Here’s my little reveal!


I had originally planned to buy a matte and put it in an 11 x 14 frame, but nothing looked right to me. A black matte on a black frame was too black. A white frame was just too white. A rustic frame just didn’t fit the look here. The blue matte that I came across were too dark of a blue to go with a black frame and distracted from the art. I mean, I must have been at it for at least half an hour before I decided to just stick with this simple black frame. Let’s not even start on the thickness of some of these frames. It was even more difficult because the print is actually an 8.5″ x 11″, so for now, the For Fuji art print will stay in this frame. I’m sure I will come across something that will do it more justice. Right?


I’m pretty excited about it. The print came in looking pretty close to the picture that’s up on the website. And it’s my first nude-ish art. The more subtly nude art are up my alley. Haha. I’m a little too modest for some of these full on nudes.


Any suggestions? I may try Hobby Lobby next.


  1. Very pretty print – I love nudes as well – ones like this that are just subtle enough to still be provoking.

    I think she does need some sort of matt around here, just to bring down the colored flowers away from the black frame. I’m always a fan of black frames though – love the juxtaposition.

    You don’t have to add a color matt, just do a bevel even. Just my thoughts…

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