The Many Decorative Faces of Skulls

Why do we have such a fascination with skulls? You don’t get a skull until it’s bare down to the bone- after someone or something has passed away, if we’re talking about the real thing. For the longest time, skulls always creeped me out, like its soul was still around and would put a curse on anyone who messed with it. I know such a thing wouldn’t happen, but in our culture, skulls are associated with Halloween and death. Rather semi-negative things.

My dad liked cow skulls with horns. I think a friend gave him one and he picked up another in Texas. Obviously over the years I got used to them and I definitely liked them better when dad painted them, giving them a decorative southwestern appeal.

Could I ever own a real skull myself? Maybe not anytime soon. It still has that forbidden appeal about it, but I am all about the good looking faux ones. As I continue studying and learning about interior design, I have a deeper and deeper appreciation for textures and the lines of all these shapes and skulls are great in those categories. They’re also that unexpected element of surprise as it’s not something you find in everyone’s home. I also have a deeper appreciation for skulls as it coincides with The Day of the Dead. In this case, there’s nothing scary about it; on the contrary, it’s like a holiday mascot painted in bold, vibrant colors to celebrate the memories of those who passed, to celebrate their lives. I think it’s getting harder and harder to keep Halloween decorations separate from The Day of the Dead. But for me, the colors on The Day of the Dead skulls just adds a fun Halloween twist.

At the end of the day, it’s what the skulls represent to you. For me, it’s keeping the balance: the creepy skulls of Halloween vs the brightly celebrated Day of the Dead skulls.

This art print is a pretty cool way to add in for Halloween decoration. Or as something to leave up all year round.

I quite liked this free downloadable art print, particularly the way it’s set up in this picture. It’s also comes across as a scientific interest that you could leave this up year round as well.

Skulls are also no longer restricted to just the holidays.

Decorating or displaying skulls have dated as far back as 7200 BC. I don’t think this decorating trend is going out of style any time soon, though its popularity peak may come and go in serges. According to this post, skulls became integrated into the Day of the Dead ceremony by 300 AD while the pirates adopted it as their symbol in the 1700’s. Skulls earned its popularity in the US by way of artist in the 1920’s and 30’s and it has taken off from there. Read more here.

Cow skulls are particularly gaining popularity amongst wall galleries. They add fantastic depth and interest to the wall collection.

Skulls create a lot of interest as art. I wish I could see this one up close. And this room also has a skull on the coffee table. They’re fantastic accessories.

Gaze upon a few more examples:

How cool is this sconce? Can you imagine it at night?

Did you notice the rug? I almost missed it the first time I saw this room. I kept wondering why it popped up in my search. I work in a rug store and I don’t think I can ever recall seeing a skull as a rug design, so this is pretty unique. Now I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled when I’m searching through my sources.

Although the cactus is looking kind of sad all lopped over like that, the skull flower pot is a nice unexpected twist. Here’s a similar one below in a different color:

I stumbled across a website called Skullspiration. Just these out…

China sets. I never would have guessed these existed..

And, of course, cake! The details on them are amazing! How can anyone eat these? I was just telling my husband you spend hours making these amazing cakes and they’re gone in 10 minutes. I guess cake is just that good.

What are your thoughts on skulls in general?


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