Making Progress on the New House

Choosing paint is not easy but we got it done. You can see in the picture above and below that I struggled with choosing a color for the main living areas. I started out with Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams (far left in the above photo). I was picturing a green- gray color, but it turned icy blue here and far too washed out. I think in the end I was picturing a color that doesn’t exist, but perhaps I haven’t found it yet. Either way, I had to choose a color as soon as possible. We closed on the house on Friday and the contractor was scheduled to start on Monday. There just wasn’t enough time for me. In case you missed it, here is where I shared my process on choosing paint and flooring and here are all my before photos.

On Monday, as planned, the guys scrapped off all the popcorn ceilings and surprisingly got it done in one day.

I’m glad I’m not a neat freak because the popcorn ceiling job ain’t no joke. It got everywhere, even in nooks and crannies. I was practically breathing it in.

Can you see the popcorn remnants on the wall? And particularly on the pendant in the photo below.

A couple of days later, they got paint up on the ceilings. This is a bit of an experimental part for me. I’ve never gotten quite this bold on ceilings and wanted to try branching out. But why stop there? Since we’re not doing the typical white ceilings, why do the typical white trim and door? You know I’m holding my breath for this to work.

The above photo is a sneak peek of one of the bedrooms.

We’re even venturing out with our kitchen, too. How many people do you know have contrasting kitchen cabinets? The project doesn’t stop with paint. We want to put in quartz counter top, a deeper sink, and a nice back splash. This kitchen will be a stunner when it’s done.

The painting should be done on Thursday. The original finish date was Tuesday, but some paint, like the kitchen cabinets, took longer than planned to dry. We’re still planning on moving in this weekend, so I’m hoping to snap some photos of the finished rooms before the boxes and mayhem come pouring in.

How have your paint jobs turned out? Did each color turn out exactly like you hoped?

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  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product! I have different uppers and lowers in my kitchen and I love it. Also, I adore painted trim in colors other than white. Congrats on your new home!

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