15 Paint Colors I Used In My House

When we bought this house, I knew I wanted to choose paint colors that were natured inspired: blues, greens, and grays. I’ve always been inspired by nature and I am now even more so since this house came with beautiful landscaping. I wanted there to be some flow: greens from the plants, blues from the clear sky on sunny days, and grays from the cloudy rainy days.

If you missed the sneak peek of the wall colors, check it out here as long as you don’t mind camera phones.

I used Sherwin Williams’ Liveable Green in Satin in all my main areas: kitchen, living room, laundry room, and hallway walls. This is a pretty good alternative for green-gray. I was originally going to go with Sea Salt, but it turned out to be too icy blue, which is a total bummer since I had heard this was the best green-gray out there. Liveable Green still has a hint of yellow in it, but not too overpowering. You can’t see it in white light or natural light. It only comes out when I turn on yellow lights. (I don’t know my lighting terminology very well. The white lights are probably the LED’s.)

Sherwin Williams’ Storm Cloud is a gorgeous color. In semi-gloss, we used this on absolutely every trim in the house, which adds to the consistency of the flow throughout the house. We choose colors built around Storm Cloud; everything compliments it. The other colors don’t fight it (except perhaps the guest bathroom, but I’ll get to it later.) and it’s not an extreme contrast either. The only thing is I don’t know enough about paint to know why it’s chipping off my trim so easily. We probably needed to use a different type of paint or primer or something, but the contractor we used did not say otherwise, so we thought it would all work out. Guess I’ll do some studying for the next house.

Sherwin William’s Watery does not appear as blue green as it does in the image above. It appears more of a clearer blue. It makes me think of the sky, though it’s not that much of a true blue. This color is painted on my ceilings in most of the areas where Liveable Green is painted: my living room, kitchen, and hallway. I had picked this color to pair with Sea Salt, which I changed my mind about at the last minute, so it doesn’t pair as well with Liveable Green as I would have liked. A shade lighter, like Tidewater, might have worked better, but it still works as is.

I wanted a shade of color that would keep the bedroom relaxed while I felt transported somewhere else in the world and still felt connected to the earth. Some time ago, I came upon this room on Laura Trevey’s blog:

This room has always stuck in the back of my mind as I love everything about it. I even blogged about it last year. So when I was drowning in paint chips, I realized that something like this would be the perfect shade. Of course, I never did go back to the link to find out exactly what paint Whitney Port chose, but it doesn’t matter. I love what I chose: Behr’s Ethereal Mood in eggshell.

Sherwin William’s Softened Green was actually a shade that I had considered for the living room. Now that it’s up in my master bathroom as eggshell, I’m so glad I didn’t do it. It would have been way too strong of a green for a living room, but it’s a nice shade for the bathroom. Without going white, I wanted a color that felt like a spa color- something that would feel laid back as I’m getting ready for work. This bathroom was one of the more difficult rooms for me. I couldn’t decide how to make it flow. With blue in the bedroom, I thought it might be too much blue to have it in the bathroom as well and I actually didn’t want gray in there, so that left me with green. Softened Green is actually a shade darker than Liveable Green.

This by far has been one of my favorite shades of gray. I may try it on a wall next time. I used Sherwin Williams’ North Star on the ceilings in flat in the master bedroom, paired with Behr’s Ethereal Mood and in the master bathroom, paired with Softened Green. I’m actually thinking about trying this out on a piece of furniture that needs a makeover. Anyway, I love that this shade is not too strong, but strong enough that you can tell it’s gray as oppose to white.

This color is for the upper cabinets in the kitchen. To refresh your memory, in this post, I had come across my dream kitchen and have take some inspiration from it. I love a kitchen with contrasting color. I had chosen a color from Sherwin William’s HGTV Collection called White Core, however when I went to search for a link on the website, it was nowhere to be found. So, I don’t know if they’ve recently dropped it or what, but the closest color match I found was their Pure White. I was very particular about this white as I did not want it to have a yellow tone, but a gray tone to it while maintaining crispiness to it in high gloss. It contrasts very nicely with the lower cabinet colors.

Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue is by far the most perfect shade of blue- particularly a shade of navy- that I’ve ever come across. I’ve seen it used in other rooms in magazines and blogs, like this one:

Charleston Palette, which shares a space with us at work, used Hague Blue to paint some of their shelves and stools. You know that only further encouraged my love for it. The only downside is that in a high gloss, it takes forever to properly dry- far more than any other paint in high gloss. So, yeah, don’t use Farrow and Ball’s high gloss if you’re in a hurry to use that space like we were. We used it on our lower kitchen cabinets and I love it everyday! I just hate that the paint chipped a little in some places because we didn’t know it took extra time to dry. Oh well! Did I mention I’m in love with Hague Blue?

I wanted to inject a pop of surprise in my house somewhere and I’ve always loved the idea of a bold ceiling. This is one of my favorite inspirations:

As this might not be our forever home, I didn’t want colors that might be too much of a commitment for a lot of people (Is it too late? Have I gone too bold, considering that most people love a good white wall?) As an emerald green lover, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Sherwin Williams’ Kilkenny. The perfect places to put this color on the ceilings (we used flat) were in the laundry room and the hallway to the guest bedroom/office. It has definitely become one of these love it or hate it part of my home. Good thing I love it enough that I don’t care that people don’t love it, though I know it may have to be painted over if we go to sell the house.

This shade of gray was a second contender for our trim, but obviously Sherwin William’s Storm Cloud won out. However, I love Plummet by Farrow and Ball so much that I used in eggshell in our guest bathroom- the one room we were originally not going to paint. The original paint looked too purple and- not to complicate things- too similar to Storm Cloud. We HAD to paint the guest bathroom, too (to my poor husband’s dismay). Interestingly enough, this is also the only room where our trim looks purple. That’s not quite what I was going for, but it adds drama to the space, which is what I did want.

The one thing Jon and I definitely have in common is our love for blue. We had no trouble agreeing upon that color. Since it fit in with the overall color scheme, I basically let him choose his preferred shade: Sherwin William’s Powder Blue (in satin). Despite the name, it’s not the typical color you think of for a little boy’s room. If anything, this is a much more mature version of it. It’s got gray undertones, so it helped in keeping his office cozy (read slightly moody) while keeping it light.

Behr’s Sterling went on the ceiling in flat in Jon’s office and the guest bathroom. If we had used Sherwin William’s North Star, that would have darkened the rooms- either one as they were a bit of a darker shade than Behr’s Ethereal Mood. This is also a really nice shade of gray that I may try on a wall in the future, I just didn’t want to right now because with the trims, it already felt like so much gray when I wanted to keep a natural but colored feeling to the house.

In our guest bedroom, I choose Benjamin Moore’s Homestead Green in Eggshell. I guess you could say I wanted to try a little bit of a variety of brands. Sherwin Williams and Behr were more readily available to me as I could only get Benjamin Moore during the week during the typical business hours of which I work. But I finally made it to one of the stores and found that they have a beautiful selection of colors. I’ll have to try and get a fan deck one day.

Anyway, Homestead Green has a lovely richness that manages to still be a relaxing shade. It’s just perfect for the guest bedroom where I can make it relaxing and inviting while still offering a chance to be daring. I’m a long ways off from completing this room. Sigh. One day.

It’s funny, really, in hindsight. I wasn’t even thinking about the hydrangea bushes when I picked Benjamin Moore’s Blue Hydrangea in eggshell for my office/guest bedroom. In case you missed it, I shared a post here about how thrilled I am to have some lovely hydrangeas growing around the house and they happen to be blue in the back yard. It’s fitting. This bedroom faces the back yard and if you take a peek through one of the windows, you’ll see the blue hydrangeas. That’s a great color flow right there. And it’s really well named. It does come pretty close to the shade of blue that hydrangeas get.

And…last but not least, the ceiling color for the guest bedrooms. I really love the blue undertones of Benjamin Moore’s Beacon Gray, which we got in flat. It complimented Blue Hydrangea and Homestead Green really well along with Sherwin William’s Storm Cloud. To be honest, with all the bedrooms being some type of light gray ceiling color, I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t just choose one of these grays and be done with it. Or at least for all the extra bedrooms and the guest bathroom. I guess after living in places in the last five plus years, I needed to know that I had all these different colors and as I just mentioned, I did want to try different brands. I’m not really sure if I could say that I prefer any one in particular but I definitely liked Sherwin Williams over Behr. They had a better color selection.

Have you used any of these colors in your home? If so, let me know how you used it. And what’s your favorite brand of paint?




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