Shining A Light On My Lighting Selection

A lot of designers will tell you that light fixtures are often the jewel of the room.

Upon thinking about it, I had noticed that almost more than anything else, light fixtures have the power to really transform a room. I can’t help but notice it in people’s before and after photos. I can’t help but use my imagination in spaces, like mine, that could be improved upon by swapping out the standard builder’s choice. One of my spaces in particular that I’m often envisioning something new is the hallway to the guest bedroom and offices. That light fixture is one of the typical builder’s choice and more than once, I’ve heard it being referred to as “boob” lighting. If designers are poking fun at something like that, you know it needs to go. Of course, for me, such lighting fixture was always going to be swapped out, whether experts liked it or not.

When you start thinking about one aspect of your house, well, that just opens a whole messy can of worms. I started imagining new lighting everywhere. What makes it super messy is lighting is not always cheap. It’s not like starting a huge collection of fantastic pillows. I feel like it’s harder to make it look curated and flow well through a house, especially when one has an eclectic taste such as mine. Making It Lovely has a post that makes suggestions of what lighting goes best with what and that has helped me to get started, but also sharing my selections on here helps when I can visit them all in one place. Here goes:

Ceiling Light

  1. This is my favorite choice for the hallway, which surprises me because I don’t usually lean towards industrial styles. By no means am I against it though as you can tell my my first choice. I love the simplicity of it yet it has touches of gold- or rather brass.
  2. This would be cool over my bar area. I would have once said over my dining room table, but I have something selected from Ikea that we’ll be putting up soon. I have just been on a kick lately for clustered pendants.
  3. This pendant is amazing. I would find a way to put it somewhere anywhere.
  4. I love that they called this the Explosion Chandelier. It’s sooo fitting. I am dying to put this in my living room! I’m also on a good sputnik kick.
  5. I love all Moravian lighting, but this is the best looking one I’ve seen. This would also be cool not only in my hallway but also my laundry room. I haven’t decided if I would do silver or blackened bronze.
  6. I would love this global looking pendant for the entry hallway. It looks elegantly stylish, yet casual and I totally love its moroccan shape.

Table Lamps

  1. I’ve had my eyes on this chevron table lamp for some time now. I love the fun chevron pattern being paired with gold. I’m not sure which room I would put this in yet.
  2. This is another pair I’ve had my eyes on for a while. This is one that I’d put in the living room. They’re pretty affordable for a pair and looks very nice. The navy base has a cool texture to it and the acrylic on the top and bottom of the lamp base gives it a hotel vibe.
  3. This lamp is just too cool. Animal patterns are growing on me, but it’s only ok if it’s faux, like this one. I love this deep emerald color. I’d put it in my guest bedroom.
  4. I started getting ideas for the master bedroom and currently like the idea of neutral but elegant lamps. While I wasn’t envisioning any white, I’m loving this one.
  5. This lamp is a little closer to what I was envisioning for the master bedroom but is still not quite right. In my head, I see a monochromatic lamp, but a lighter gray lamp base and a darker gray shade. I can’t quite say why this isn’t quite right yet, but I’ll know it when I see it.

Luxurious List: Ceiling Light

If money was no issue, here’s what I’d choose:

  1. This large triply flush mount would go in my hallway. I love the frosted globes paired with gold
  2. Again, another industrial pendant that I’m surprised I love. This would be great in my living room!
  3. This is the best sputnik chandelier yet. And it’s by Kelly Wearstler. No wonder!
  4. I’ve also be on yet another kick for lighting that reflects airy bubbles. This is a good one. How can you not be happy looking at something that resembles bubbles?
  5. You can’t go wrong with acrylic and gold. I would put this beauty in the entry hallway.

Luxurious List: Table Lamps

My second list for my selections if money was no issue:

  1. This is the perfect combination of palm leaves and gold and would be great for my living room.
  2. This gray lamp is actually perfect for my bedroom- except for its hefty price tag. Although I wasn’t picturing a glass table base, the texture and color is too good to pass up.
  3. I’ve been in love with this hand painted table lamp since forever. It adds a fun punch to any room. I totally see it in the living room or my office.
  4. You can’t go wrong with blue and white. This lamp is the perfect combination of global and coastal and great in any of my rooms.
  5. I love the texture of shagreen. I’ve got a shagreen tray in my living room and this lamp would pick up on it wonderfully. I thought of pairing this with a grey lamp shade and perhaps put in the bedroom instead but the website is not sophisticated enough to show me that pairing.
  6. Bone inlay table lamp? Yes, please! It’s even better that it’s paired with wood. Considering the size of it, I’d put it in my office.
  7. I know some people are over ikat patterns but I love it because it adds a global flair, which I love. It would be fun in the living room or the master bedroom.

Not that I have my eyes on sconces options yet, but Emily Henderson has a series called “Power Couples”. She did a pairing on chandeliers and sconces. Just looking at the shapes helps me to see what could flow well together.

What do you think is the ultimate jewelry of the room? Do you agree that it’s lighting?


  1. Hi, Michelle! Lovely post and I agree with you 100%!!! A great selection of light fixtures is like adding the finishing touches to an outfit. It can make or break an otherwise beautiful space simply because there’s no beauty without light… Light creates mood and accents beautiful aspects like artwork or architectural details, not to mention that some light fixtures are gorgeous by themselves…

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